Charles University, known also as Charles University in Prague or historically as the University of Prague, is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe in continuous operation.Today, the university consists of 17 faculties located in Prague, Hradec Králové, and Plzeň.

Praha, Cz

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Research offers innovative approach to planar chiral substances

In a recent study, Dr. Vojtěch Dočekal and Professor Jan Veselý from the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, have unveiled a highly efficient method for the preparation of planar ...

Study shows glacier shrinkage is causing a 'green transition'

Glacier-fed streams are undergoing a process of profound change, according to EPFL and Charles University scientists in a paper appearing in Nature Geoscience today. This conclusion is based on the expeditions to the world's ...

A protein that helps plant cells 'eat themselves'

Scientists from the Department of Experimental Plant Biology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University have published research in Nature Plants that brings new insights into the function of the ARP2/3 protein complex ...

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