Buck Institute

The Buck Institute was formed in 1999 in Novato, California for the sole purpose of studying aging and age-related disease. Buck Institute is a non-profits private research center. The interdisciplinary research at Buck Institute is supported by technology cores which include genomics, bioinformatics and other tools. The Buck Institute is one of five Nathan Shock Centers and affiliated by agreement with U.C. Davis. The Buck Institute publishes news updates and informative reports on their research projects.

8001 Redwood Blvd. Novato, CA 94945
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New study on antioxidants shows mixed results for life extension

First the good news: a study by scientists at the Buck Institute for Age Research shows four common antioxidants extended lifespan in the nematode worm C. elegans. And the not such good news: those four were among 40 antioxidants ...

dateSep 30, 2008 in
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