Bangor University was founded in 1884 in Northern Wales, UK. Over the years Bangor University has excelled in organic chemistry, ecology, quantum physics, frozen food processing and numerous awards in the Arts & Letters. Bangor is divided into six colleges. Bangor University is noted for its academics and nurturing environment for its students. Bangor is rated Excellent by students and ranking panels for their student oriented environment.

Bangor Gwynedd, North Wales LL57 2DG

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The humble sea campion flower can show us how species adapt

The speed of environmental change is very challenging for wild organisms. When exposed to a new environment individual plants and animals can potentially adjust their biology to better cope with new pressures they are exposed ...

Protecting and regenerating tropical mangroves

Mangroves were once seen as inhospitable malarial swamps and were among the fastest disappearing habitats in the world. Now, with input from Bangor University, one community project in Kenya is working to restore mangroves ...

Elephants are creatures of habit when it comes to finding food

Elephants are remarkably consistent in their seasonal movement patterns across multiple years, according to research by Bangor University zoologist and lecturer Dr. Rhea Burton-Roberts. Rhea's findings, published in Scientific ...

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