The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is home to Australian’s nuclear science and technical expertise. ANSTO, an Australian Government funded organisation, operates much of Australia’s landmark science facilities including one of the world’s most modern nuclear research reactors, OPAL. ANSTO operates a comprehensive suite of neutron beam instruments within the Bragg Institute, the Australian Synchroton, the National Imaging Facility Research Cyclotron and the Centre for Accelerator Science. Nuclear science and technology is used to improve health outcomes, increase understanding of the environment and support innovation in industry.


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Feathery moa's fossilized footprints, ancient age revealed

Cosmogenic nuclide dating, a method commonly used in dating coastal areas and alluvial riverbeds for landscape reconstruction, is also useful for calculating the age of trace fossils, such as a footprint, where no remains ...

3D printing of single atom catalysts pioneered

A large international collaboration led by Prof Shizhang Qiao, an Australian Laureate Fellow at the University of Adelaide has developed a straightforward and cost-effective synthesizing approach using a 3D printing technique ...

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