The American Heart Association (AHA) is a fundraising, information network for professionals and patients. AHA places great emphasis on fund raising and attracting local volunteers for fund drives. AHA sponsors symposiums on heart related diseases including strokes, hypertension and the like for professionals. AHA publishes up to the minute abstracts and information on the latest heart-related research. The AHA requires press inquiries by e-mail be preceded by a press authentication form. AHA suggests phone calls in lieu of a press pass.

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What can sharks teach us about our hearts?

This time of year, it's hard to escape sharks—on TV at least. But perhaps that heartbeat-like theme from "Jaws"—da-dum, da-dum—has you wondering, "What might I learn about my own heart from a shark?"

New evidence links ozone exposure to potential heart attacks

Young, healthy adult volunteers exposed for two hours to ozone developed physiological changes associated with cardiovascular ailments, according to a small study reported in Circulation, an American Heart Association journal.