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'Extremely venomous' green mamba loose in Netherlands

The green mamba is extremely dangerous, authorities warn
The green mamba is extremely dangerous, authorities warn.

An "extremely venomous" two-meter-long green mamba snake is on the loose in the Netherlands, police said Tuesday, warning residents to stay indoors and under no circumstances attempt to ensnare the serpent.

Police in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg said they were alerted by the mamba's owner on Monday evening that "he was missing a snake."

Issuing a wanted poster with a mugshot of the coiled green mamba, police warned: "The snake is very dangerous."

"The green mamba's bite is extremely venomous. If anyone is bitten, it is important to seek immediate medical attention," police added.

On the plus side, said the green mamba "does not seek " and the cold-blooded tropical creature is unlikely to slither outside into the chilly Dutch winter.

"He likes dark and warm spaces. If he finds that, he will be very passive," the statement said.

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