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Complex mechanics of cellulose composites revealed

Complex mechanics of cellulose composites revealed
From cellulose to composite materials. Credit: KhengLimGoh

An international team of researchers, led by Assistant Professor J Naveen (VIT, India), has finally completed and published a comprehensive survey of the complex structure of the natural fibers embedded in and reinforcing polymer composite materials.

These natural fibers contain nanocellulose, which is one of the most important green materials because of its abundance, high aspect ratio, improved mechanical capabilities, renewability and biocompatibility.

The review mainly covers the effects of different properties of nanocellulose on the mechanical properties of nanocellulose-based multiscale composites, the classification of nanocellulose structures, extraction of nanocellulose, and mechanical properties of cellulose-based multiscale composites such as tensile, flexural and impact, followed by the applications of nanocellulose-based multiscale fiber reinforced polymer composites.

Importantly, the revealed that there is an increasingly strong demand in the industry for an efficient alternate material to man-made synthetic materials with superior mechanical properties. Nanocellulose-based multiscale composites can be an efficient alternative to meet the UN , such as SDG 12 on responsible consumption and production, without compromising performance.

The work has been published in Polymer Composites.

More information: Viswanath Ganapathy et al, Mechanical properties of celluloseā€based multiscale composites: A review, Polymer Composites (2022). DOI: 10.1002/pc.27175

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