One of the country's top book publishers is partnering with an award-winning education technology company that specializes in bilingual materials for kids.

Macmillan Publishers announced Monday that it had formed a "strategic" relationship with Encantos, where products range from board books to interactive games. Macmillan will distribute Encantos' current catalog and collaborate on new projects, including "Tiny Travelers," which helps kids learn about geography and other cultures.

"Encantos is at the cutting edge of bringing diverse voices to 's entertainment and education," Macmillan Children's Publishing Group President Jon Yaged said in a statement.

Encantos CEO and co-founder Steven Wolfe Pereira said in a statement, "With over 50 percent of kids in America today being multicultural, there is an incredible hunger for more diverse voices. We work with authentic storytellers, to tell authentic stories with mass appeal from diverse perspectives."