The green part of Uber Eats' logo, pictured here on a delivery driver, will be changed on the Marseille team's jersey after fans complained it was too reminiscent of hated rival Saint-Etienne

Uber Eats has changed the colour of the logo that will appear on Marseille shirts next season to placate the club's fans.

In the company logo the word 'eats' is green, but that is the colour of one of Marseille's hated rivals, Saint-Etienne.

Fans responded to news of the sponsorship with a on and with a banner hanging from a bridge over one of the main streets of the city demanding "no green on our shirts".

"Partner of all those who love OM, Uber Eats will be displayed in black on the jersey," tweeted the company on Wednesday, with a picture of the club's jersey with both 'Uber' and 'eats' in black.