Camera traps reveal Romania's incredible wildlife

Camera traps reveal Romania’s incredible wildlife
Credit: Fauna & Flora International

Grey wolves, brown bears and Eurasian lynx have all been captured on film by camera traps in Romania. The camera traps were carefully positioned to monitor the distribution of bears and wolves, but Fauna & Flora International's (FFI) team in Romania was delighted by the diversity of species recorded in the area, which also included European wildcat, wild boar and red deer.

The presence of so many different animals highlights the importance of protecting the Zarand Landscape Corridor in Transylvania, which allows large carnivores to move between the Western and Southern Carpathian Mountains.

Sadly, this vital corridor is threatened by large-scale infrastructure development, intensified forestry practices and loss of traditional agriculture practices. For this reason, FFI and partner Zarand Association have been working together to improve connectivity between the two areas to protect the region's diverse and distinctive landscape and its wildlife.

Credit: Fauna & Flora International
Credit: Fauna & Flora International
Credit: Fauna & Flora International
Credit: Fauna & Flora International

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