Facebook use eroding in US as social media under pressure

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Facebook's efforts to crack down on misinformation and sensational content have reduced the time spent at the leading social network eroding, researchers said Tuesday.

The average amount of time US adults spent at Facebook dropped by three minutes per day last year and will likely decrease by another minute next year, to a total of 37 minutes daily, according to the research firm eMarketer.

The report suggests that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's efforts to focus on safety and remove divisive and hateful content could be having an .

"Facebook's continued loss of younger adult users, along with its focus on down-ranking clickbait posts and videos in favor of those that create 'time well spent,' resulted in less daily time spent on the platform in 2018 than we had previously expected," said eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson.

"Less time spent on Facebook translates into fewer chances for marketers to reach the network's users."

Money taken in from digital ads are the leading source of revenue at Facebook, which has 2.4 billion monthly active users around the world.

A bright spot for Facebook is that daily US is creeping up at its image and video focused social network Instagram, where eMarketer expected it to rise a minute this year to 27 minutes and then another minute per year through 2021.

"Features like Stories, influencer content and video are all contributing to more engagement and a slow but steady uptick in time spent on Instagram," Williamson said.

Meanwhile, time people in the US spend at Instagram rival Snapchat has seemingly plateaued at 26 minutes daily, with an application redesign failing to boost engagement, according to eMarketer.

A broader trend seen last year was for Americans to spend less time at online social networks, and the overall engagement was expected by eMarketer to remain unchanged this year at almost one hour, 14 minutes per day.

"Gains in digital video viewing are putting pressure on social time, and gaming is also creating new competition for user attention," Williamson said.

"Though we can't say there is a direct cause-effect relationship, these activities do at least threaten users' engagement with social media."

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May 28, 2019
I terminated my FB account a couple of years ago.

Felt good then. Feels better now.

Do NOT let Zuckerberg make another billion from stealing your life.

May 28, 2019
Facebook is just another CIA/NSA front company. They use Suckerberg as a front man, like they used Bill Gates to get a PC into every home. Before that is was the phone company, Bell, that bugged your house, while you thought it was only there for your convenience. Government used to need a warrant to spy, so they made Facebook, PC, and Mountain Bell telephone, so you could just tell them everything without govt getting a warrant. Americans are tax slaves, politicians and bankers are your farmers, and royals own the ranch, still. Revolt for real this time, without agreement this time to pay royals your taxes, while you still can, because your children's indoctrination will be much too complete for them to try. You still have a chance. Start by withdrawing your financial aid, they only control us because your taxes make it possible. Whatistaxed c o m

May 28, 2019
If they would stop censoring everything maybe people might return. Facebook is too far left and needs to be purged and regulated.

May 28, 2019
real politics can just move to another platform . next up , stop MSM from interferring in elections

May 29, 2019
People get tired of left-wing droning and complaining and obsessing about trivialities. Which Facebook should have known when they looked at the ratings of slanted left-wing newscasts like CNN and NBC.

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