Nike smart sneakers experience connection issues days after release, users report

February 22, 2019 by Ben Tobin, Usa Today

Sometimes, seemingly promising futuristic products don't launch without a hitch. Customers who purchased Nike's brand-new Adapt BB smart sneakers have reported experiencing this firsthand.

Just days after the $350 self-lacing shoes were released, are currently reporting that they are unable to connect both of their shoes to the Nike Adapt app, meaning it cannot be used to tighten the pair of shoes.

"Simply, this app doesn't work," user David Erdos wrote as a review for the app. "Whenever I try connecting my shoes, it says error try again or it says it's already connected with another pair of shoes."

Twitter user @ArmaniX24 reported a similar issue, writing, "@nikestore @Nike I keep getting this error when trying to pair adapt bb."

On a webpage for the Adapt BB smart sneakers, Nike gives users several recommendations for how to troubleshoot their shoes. These are powering the shoes off, then back on; performing a hardware reset; performing a system reset; restoring the shoes to their factory settings. Steps for each option can be found on the webpage.

Nike has also been responding to certain reviews on the Nike Adapt app in Apple's App Store. The company did not immediately respond to USA TODAY's request for comment.

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