Scientists dismiss the idea of travel through wormholes

Scientists Dismissed the Idea of Travel through Wormholes
Credit: Allen Dressen

A RUDN employee and Brazilian colleagues have called into question the concept of using stable wormholes as portals to different points of space-time. The results of the studies were published in Physical Review D.

Wormholes are a recurring motif in science fiction. A wormhole is a sort of tunnel that joins distant points in space, or even two universes, via space-time curvature. Theoretically, such a tunnel could be traversed from one point in space to another without actually traveling the distance between them. Roman Konoplya, a RUDN physicist, evaluated the possibility of such interstellar travel.

"Our hope for the existence of these exotic objects rests on the fact that Einstein's equations allow for wormholes as their solution. However, for wormholes to be traversable and not to collapse because of gravitational effects, the repulsion force in the bottleneck of a wormhole should be extremely high," says Roman Konoplya.

Usually, suggest two options for this repulsion force: concentration of dark energy or vacuum fluctuations of quantum fields around the bottleneck. Both solutions are quite unusual and require a certain extent of imagination and optimism to be further developed.

In 2011, Greek and German scientists found that the repulsion force can be explained without introducing new fields or unusual types of matter. According to their calculations, the is possible simply as a result of quantum corrections of Einstein's theory motivated by in the low energy approximation (the so-called Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory with dilaton). If a wormhole turned out to be stable against minor time and space fluctuations, it would be a prospective theoretical model inspired by the fundamental string theory.

"Some preliminary studies of foreign colleagues seemed to indicate the possibility of such stability. However, we confirmed that a wormhole according to Einstein's with quantum corrections is critically unstable. Evidently, an unstable system cannot exist in nature as any reaction with the environment would cause it to disintegrate. Mathematically, it is expressed in unlimited growth of initially neglected minor system deviation from statistical balance. Unfortunately, these results mean that we still don't have a theoretically consistent model without exotic assumptions," said Konoplya.

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More information: M. A. Cuyubamba et al. No stable wormholes in Einstein-dilaton-Gauss-Bonnet theory, Physical Review D (2018). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.98.044040
Journal information: Physical Review D

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Dec 14, 2018
Scientists dismiss the idea of travel through wormholes.

Hey, I say don't knock it until you've tried it. :-)

Dec 14, 2018
There is a new theory about dark energy that involves negative gravity and it supposedly falls right inline with Einstein's mathematics. Maybe that will be the answer.

Dec 14, 2018
Two great minds of physics represented to us a nature of space from opposite sides. Newton have understood space as some real entity (not by all means material) but static and immutable (substantivalism). Einstein, from his part, felt space as something absolutely dynamical (relativism ). In the question of its reality he experienced a sorrows of seeker of truth. He, at some moments, considered that physical space had physical properties and so may be considered as reality but refuted its reality at another moments (relationism). The most arduous and hazardous enterprise for researcher is not to reveal something new but ability to renounce a standard way of thinking. This arouse suffering and weird fear. So one would like to be in conventional scope as a result. https://www.acade...al_Space

Dec 14, 2018
Anything going through a wormhole is spaghettified and incapable of transferring low entropy.

Dec 14, 2018
I have been doing studies on wormholes for years and i am not coming this far just to give up. There have been experiments using rubidium to create something with similar properties as exotic matter. If we can make enough of this substance and condense something hard enough that it punctures a hole in space time we can inject that hole with enough rubidium or "exotic matter" that it should stabilize it and hold the wormhole open long enough for it to be traversable, if anybody would like to converse more on this subject either email me or use my email on google hangouts, have a wonderful day. my email is

Dec 15, 2018
Taking into consideration what we think we understand about wormholes?

Then adding the speculated possibilities of hypothesized Negative Gravity?

I would suspect there is a very "bad" chance that a traveler through a NG wormhole comes out resembling a Klein Bottle....


Dec 16, 2018
Why are mainstream still writing about such fantasies? Obviously, publish-or-perish is still a potent imperative for many mainstream 'hacks'. Anyway, as I recall, the idea of 'stable' wormholes in reality were thoroughly discussed and discredited in a discussion over at soon after Susskind and Maldacena 'published' their own 'publish-or-perish' foray into such patently unscientific speculative fantasies only a couple years back. I leave it to the readers to follow the arguments for and against at the relevant discussion:


Good luck and good thinking/discussing, everyone. :)

Dec 16, 2018
@ Really-Skippy. How you are Cher? I'm good and getting better, thanks for asking.

Why are mainstream still writing about such fantasies?
Maybe that is their job to do. Do you have a job to do? Is it a real job with work to do or is it the fantasy job like the job you have here on the physorg?

Obviously, publish-or-perish is still a potent imperative for many mainstream 'hacks'.
At least they can find someone to pay attention and pay money for it,,, unlike you who can only donate it for free on the physorg.

Susskind and Maldacena 'published' their own 'publish-or-perish' foray into such patently unscientific speculative fantasies
Are you jealous Cher? Don't you wish your name was known whenever the humans and scientists get together to thinking/discussing physics stuff?

the relevant discussion
Too bad they won't let you in to discuss it with them.

Dec 16, 2018
@Uncle Ira.
Why are mainstream still writing about such fantasies?
Maybe that is their job to do.
Well, Ira, CS-gang have been telling us all that the 'job' of science (and the scientific method) is objective SCIENCE WORK and real SCIENCE PUBLISHING (and NOT Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing). You just blew their trolling pretense out of the water, Ira! Thanks.
Obviously, publish-or-perish is still a potent imperative for many mainstream 'hacks'.
At least they can find someone to pay attention and pay money for it,,
Yeah, like those 'believers' who fell for Bicep2 crap too! :)
Susskind and Maldacena 'published' their own 'publish-or-perish' foray into such patently unscientific speculative fantasies
...scientists get together to thinking/discussing physics stuff?
What "physics stuff"? It's "fantasy stuff". And you effectively stated that their "job" was Science Fiction/Fantasy (and NOT real science), Ira. :)

Ira, your stupidity amazes.

Dec 17, 2018
often when, overtime a concept is refuted (dis-information) is because some bloody genius'(s) have accomplished a feat and it becomes a matter of "national security" and gone black budget

Dec 17, 2018
time for magnetic monopoles anyone or just scones and jam

Dec 17, 2018
We dont need to travel to the future [or the past]. We just need to SEE it. Can info travel through wormholes?

Dec 17, 2018
IIRC Professor Leonardo Susskind addresses precisely that in some of his later lectures, maybe on the Holographic Paradigm and / or Information cannot be destroyed.

Dec 17, 2018
In the next issue from Physical Review, is unicorn crap dark matter?
Amusingly, the above nonsense is considered real science to the darky relativists.

Dec 19, 2018
Time travel would mean computers or other mechanisms could implode algorithmic complexity in physics problems.

This is the CS Aaronson argument. The same happens with the light cone in gauge theories, it is unstable and physics (of quantum field gauge theories) would stop working. Or as one leading cosmologist noted, if time travel would happen the universe would collapse. (This is actually a scifi history I remember, though the collapse caused by the lost spacetime traveler trying to find his way back to his home universe was caused by his mechanism using 'the energy' of universe he just left for its workings. So yes, he was a traveler causing and caused by tragic as he had unknowingly started with destroying his own universe.)

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