Rescue workers rush to save any survivors in the shadow of Guatemala's Fuego volcano, in San Miguel Los Lotes

Scores of civil defense and rescue workers scrambled Monday to try to find any unlikely survivors of the Fuego volcano's deadly eruption more than a week on.

In San Miguel Los Lotes, a mountain farming village, rescuers rushed to check for any ashes of the almost 200 people still unaccounted for after the still-smoking giant belched flames into the air and covered villages in molten rubble.

Rescue workers who had to call off their efforts overnight tried to put in a few final hours under intense pressure from families desperate to locate loved ones who are feared to have been buried and burned alive.

One rescuer who requested anonymity said the smoking ash and rubble was still 80 degrees Celsius (176 Fahrenheit) at just five centimeters (two inches) below the surface.

"All the we might find just simply crumble to dust in our hands," he said.

Relatives have refused to give up hope that their missing loved ones will come home.

Almost 200 people are still unaccounted for a week after the still-smoking Fuego volcano belched flames into the air and covered villages in molten rubble