Autonomous Waymo vehicle involved in 5-car crash in Arizona

Police in a Phoenix suburb say a self-driving Waymo vehicle was among five cars involved in a collision, but no serious injuries were reported.

The driver of the Waymo told Mesa police that the car was not in at the time of Saturday night's crash.

Witnesses say another car failed to stop for a red light and crashed into the Waymo vehicle as it was turning left.

The car then struck three other vehicles.

Waymo, whose parent company is Google, did not immediately return a message seeking comment Sunday.

Self-driving vehicles have come under fire since an Uber vehicle in autonomous mode with an operator behind the wheel fatally struck a woman in nearby Tempe.

A Waymo vehicle was struck by a red-light runner last month in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler.

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Jun 18, 2018
Waymo should investigate why it keep getting involved with other people's crashes.

Jun 18, 2018
It is possible to use probability tools to say what are the chances to get in a car crash in every situation and then compare to the chances of a self driving car of getting in a crash under the same circumstances. Also it is important that to calculate the chances of injuries and death given the two kinds of driving, human versus computarized.

The problem is that the public does not understand probability theory, and they do not want to understand it. Their reaction to self driving cars is utterly emotional.

One basis of such emotional reaction is that at least in the USA, pulling over drivers is a main strategy to keep the rich getting richer by filling up the prisons. Once self driving cars hit the roads massively, they will need another way to maintain prisons filled with minorities and poor people.

Self driving cars do not favor cruelty.

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