Mark your calendars: Samsung preps for Galaxy S9 launch

Samsung has sent out the invitations to its Galaxy S9 event, which will take place on Feb. 25, the day before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

It's expected the South Korean company will unveil the newest of its flagship Galaxy phones at the event. The invitation seems to play up expectations of an improved camera lens, with the words "Camera. Reimagined" some of the only text on the page.

The phone may try to match Apple's Portrait mode, available on recent iPhones. The Galaxy Note 8 used dual lenses to add the feature, which was lacking in the Galaxy S8.

The new phone is also expected to be among the first to get Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 845 processor that was announced last month. Samsung is helping manufacture the chip and is reported to have an exclusive on it for its flagship phone. Samsung previously had an exclusive on last year's 835 processor, allowing it to get the new chip before rival phones.

Samsung appears to have recovered from the Note 7 fiasco, when batteries inside the Note 7 phone caught fire, leading to multiple recalls before Samsung pulled the plug on the phablet-sized phone altogether.

At the giant technology trade show CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, executive Tim Baxter noted Samsung had retained its global marketshare leadership in phones.

One question that swirled around the new is whether Samsung will embed a fingerprint sensor in the display.

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