UN panel agrees to move ahead with debate on 'killer robots' (Update)

A U.N. panel is moving ahead with efforts to define and possibly set limits on weapons that can kill without human involvement, but not as quickly as some human rights groups and other opponents think is necessary to keep up with technological advances.

Advocacy groups showed a harrowing video depicting the possible threats and aired other concerns on the sidelines of the first formal U.N. meeting of government experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, known as "killer robots." The weeklong meeting ends Friday.

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, an umbrella group of advocacy groups, says 22 countries support a ban on the weapons, and the list is growing.

Indian ambassador Amandeep Gill, the meeting chairman, says participants agreed to a follow-up meeting next year.

U.N. officials say fully autonomous killer robots don't exist yet, in theory.

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