Ambassadors of Western nuclear powers to snub Nobel ceremony

November 30, 2017
The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to activists fighting for the abolition of nuclear weapons
The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to activists fighting for the abolition of nuclear weapons

Breaking with tradition, nearly all ambassadors of the world's nuclear powers will not attend this year's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony which honours efforts to ban atomic weapons, the Nobel Institute said Thursday.

Russia and Israel will be the only exceptions, with their ambassadors due to attend.

"They clearly received instructions to express their reservations towards ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and the " to ban weapons of mass destruction, the head of the Nobel Institute, Olav Njolstad, told AFP.

The Peace Prize was awarded on October 6 to ICAN, a coalition of non-governmental organisations lobbying for a historic treaty banning atomic weapons, which was signed in July by 122 countries.

The treaty remains nonetheless largely symbolic, as none of the nuclear powers have agreed to sign it.

ICAN will formally receive its prize at a lavish ceremony in Oslo on December 10.

During a meeting in the Norwegian capital last week, the United States, France and Britain all informed the Institute of their decision to be represented by their embassy's second-in-charge.

"Generally, the big powers, at least the Western ones, send their ambassadors," Njolstad said.

"In principle, we like all embassies in Oslo to send their highest representative but we have to accept that, sometimes, for political reasons, various countries abstain from participating or choose to do so at a lower level."

Noting that the treaty comes "at a time of increased danger of nuclear proliferation", the US embassy confirmed its lower level of participation.

"This treaty will not make the world more peaceful, will not result in the elimination of a single nuclear , and will not enhance any state's security," it said in a statement to AFP.

Without mentioning North Korea by name, it stressed that "this treaty ignores the current security challenges that make nuclear deterrence necessary", and reiterated Washington's support of the 1968 global non-proliferation treaty.

The Nobel Institute said the ambassadors of India and Pakistan will be travelling at the time of the ceremony, while China has not attended the prize-giving since 2010, when a Chinese dissident was awarded the honour.

North Korea does not have an embassy in Oslo.

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2.7 / 5 (7) Nov 30, 2017
We simply have to rid or restrict these. It has been too long since their use,and we have forgotten what they mean.

It is time we outgrew them.
3.7 / 5 (3) Dec 02, 2017
Nuclear weapons have prevented more wars than "good intentions". Otherwise, U.S. vs USSR, China vs U.S., U.S. vs Iran/Korea, etc., billions life lost.
Genghis Khan had no modern weapons and freely decimated millions of defenseless people in a single incursion, as well Romans in Cartagena/Carthage.

All warheads(uranium and plutonium) can be burned into advanced nuclear power reactors to produce carbon-free energy to stop Climate Change.
2 / 5 (4) Dec 02, 2017
We must make the 21st Century nuclear-free.
Da Schneib
3 / 5 (2) Dec 02, 2017
We're never going to get rid of them. It's too easy for a national state to have a secret program to build them, and so the only remedy is deterrence. If this wasn't obvious before (and I think it was), it's obvious now after Iran and Korea. India and Pakistan made it obvious decades ago.

Do I like that? No, not particularly. But reality is real. The only way out I can see is to have a world government, and give it all the nukes, and I don't think very many people would agree to that.

We can't even get everyone to agree not to make or use chemical and biological weapons. The latter are the really scary ones; a bioweapon could depopulate the Earth with far greater effect than even a nuclear war. And what deterrence applies to a terrorist?
Da Schneib
1 / 5 (1) Dec 02, 2017
If you want my opinion on what to do about this, I can sum it up in two words: mental hygiene. And there are a lot of people who won't like that either. It will eliminate aggressive religion, and that's not exactly going to go over real well.

Ultimately, we have to figure out how to make violence rare among humans, particularly those with the political talent to become leaders, and then we have to figure out how to live with the power to create unimaginable violence and not use it.

There are people who see this conundrum and use it to account for why we don't receive communications from other civilizations in deep space. To put it bluntly, an intelligent species develops these types of capabilities and then wipes itself out using them. So what do we do about that? This is the topic worthy of discussion on this thread, but I expect as usual it will get blared away by the Libertardians, religionists, nationalists, and other riffraff.
3.3 / 5 (3) Dec 03, 2017
we have to figure out how to make violence rare among humans, particularly those with the political talent to become leaders, and then we have to figure out how to live with the power to create unimaginable violence
Reducing growth is #1, because most conflict is caused by overpopulation and the struggle for resources. If everybody had enough if everything then there would be nothing to fight about.

The #1 way to reduce growth is to eliminate the religions that thrive on it. Which is pretty much all of them in one form or another. You can go after the most virulent, make an example of them, and hope the weekend hobbyists will get the message.

And you can begin to weed psychopaths from the population. Psychopaths survive by victimizing others and as long as they are allowed to roam free there is absolutely no way to stop them.

Eliminate psychopaths, and more importantly whatever it is that causes their evil malformity, and crime of all sorts will plummet.

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