UPS adds three all-electric delivery trucks to its fleet

UPS is introducing all-electric delivery trucks to its U.S. fleet.

Daimler Trucks said Thursday that United Parcel Service Inc. is its first U.S. customer for the Fuso eCanter light-duty truck. UPS said it will use three of the trucks at various locations.

The Fuso eCanter can drive 62 miles on a charge. Daimler says the truck will save UPS $1,000 for every 6,000 miles it travels compared to a conventional diesel truck.

Daimler also is providing eight Fuso eCanters to four New York nonprofit groups, including Habitat for Humanity.

Mitsubishi Fuso—which is part of Daimler Trucks—will make the eCanter for the U.S. market in Portugal.

Daimler plans to make 500 eCanter trucks over the next two years, with larger scale production beginning in 2019.

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