Lowe's to lay off about 125 workers, move jobs to India

Home improvement retailer Lowe's says it's laying off approximately 125 information technology workers, the third round of job cuts this year.

Chief Information Officer Paul Ramsay said in a memo that the affected workers were notified Wednesday. He said the Mooresville, North Carolina-based company has spent the last several years planning a strategic IT workforce team to respond better in what he called "this highly competitive 24/7 ." Some of the jobs will be relocated to Bangalore, India.

Ramsey said Lowe's will provide a severance package, access to outplacement assistance and a job fair for IT positions with other local employers.

In January, Lowe's announced of approximately 2,400 full-time workers, many of them at the store level. In February, Lowe's cut more than 500 full-time corporate jobs.

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