EU's Juncker says no Paris climate deal renegotiation

The US is the world's second biggest polluter after China
The US is the world's second biggest polluter after China

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday rejected US President Donald Trump's suggestion that the Paris climate pact could be renegotiated.

Trump's decision two weeks ago to pull out of the landmark pact was "a sign of abdication from common action", Juncker told the European Parliament.

Trump has made a vague suggestion that he could try to renegotiate terms with better guarantees for US industry.

"The European Union will not renegotiate the Paris Agreement," Juncker told the assembly in Strasbourg, France.

"Climate action does not need more distractions. We have spent 20 years negotiating. Now it is the time for action," he said.

Juncker said he saw "strengthened resolve" around the world to implement the deal, vowing to work with other US partners like the states of California and New York as well as China and Canada.

The Paris pact was signed by the United States and 194 other nations in 2015.

Juncker said EU commissioner Miguel Arias Canete would host talks with his Chinese and Canadian counterparts in September to forge ahead with implementing the pact.

Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine, speaking in Strasbourg, called for EU help in fighting climate change as her Pacific archipelago is exposed to climate-induced sea level rises.

Juncker promised not to let her down.

"Madame President, we will work to help your country continue to mark the beginning of our days. We will not allow the denial of the very few to be the end of the days of the Marshall Islands," he said.

The day after Trump announced Washington was pulling out of the Paris agreement, Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to support the Paris agreement.

But the two sides failed to endorse a joint statement because of a separate trade row that EU officials said did not undermine their determination to fight .

The United States is the world's second-largest greenhouse gas emitter, after China, so Trump's decision could seriously hamper efforts to cut emissions and limit global temperature increases.

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Jun 14, 2017
Good. That will really show people like me. Haha.

Jun 15, 2017
There is a limit to catering to foolishness, and our administration found it.....yet again. The Paris Agreement was not agreed to lightly! It took years! For one man to singlemindedly and foolishly repudiate it out of obstinacy or lunacy or some odious combination of whatever; and then 'hint' that if the world 'came begging' then his 'lardship' would comb his baldness hider forward and maybe deign to come down from the mount and grant the world a short attention span audience speaks of delusions of grandeur. Its combination with paranoia and the ability to launch singlehandedly the destruction of most of the life on our world is scary! To say the least.

Jun 15, 2017
The Paris Agreement was so unfair to the United States that Obama, our historic first America-hating Marxist POTUS, speciously contended that it wasn't really a treaty, because he knew it was dead on arrival in the Senate, just one of his many, many attempts to subvert our Constitution and the rule of law. It would substantially raise electricity rates in the US, cost over a million jobs, slow our economy and force the transfer of many more billions to the "international community", all for a negligible effect on temperature.

If the EU doesn't like it, let them be willing to renegotiate a deal that;s fair to everybody. Otherwise, to hell with them, we've allowed them to free ride under our defensive umbrella for 70 years.

The US doesn't have the money anymore to continue be Gaia's sugar daddy, because the Marxist long march through our institutions to "fundamentally transform" us into their dystopian fantasy has bankrupted us.

Jun 18, 2017
Obama didn't have the legal authority to even sign the Paris agreement. Good by, and good riddance.

Jun 18, 2017
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Jun 18, 2017
This comment has been removed by a moderator.

Jun 18, 2017
"Juncker says no Paris climate deal renegotiation"

- Oh well I guess it wasn't that important then.

Jun 24, 2017
Okay, clearly it's not really an issue they care about then.

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