Russia warns of planned cyber attacks on its banks

Russia's main domestic security agency says unspecified foreign special services are plotting a series of cyber attacks aimed at destabilizing the nation's financial system.

The Federal Security Service, known under its Russian acronym FSB, said the computer servers involved in the planned attacks are located in the Netherlands and belong to Ukrainian company BlazingFast.

The FSB said Friday that the attacks would be accompanied by a stream of text messages and posts on social networks containing claims of an imminent collapse of Russia's major banks and the financial system's breakdown. It said the action would target several dozen Russian cities.

President Barack Obama's administration has accused Russia of conducting a series of hacks to interfere with the U.S. election, accusations Moscow has denied.

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Dec 10, 2016
Nice PR stunt.

If there never was any plan, it looks like Russia scared the hackers off. If there is an attack, nobody can check whether it's FSB itself under a false flag. Wouldn't be the first time Russia sends its people across a border to shoot at themselves: https://en.wikipe..._Mainila

Either way fits the Russian narrative where the west is attacking Russia and gives them "justification" for further provocations.

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