Trump Tower becomes 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps

Someone renamed Donald Trump's midtown Manhattan building on Google Maps, and the new moniker isn't very flattering.

Instead of Trump Tower, it was briefly renamed "Dump Tower."

Users of the began noticing the new name for the Fifth Avenue building on Saturday and some took to social media to report it.

Trump, the Republican president-elect, has not yet commented on it. Trump has been using Trump Tower as his transition headquarters.

A Google spokeswoman told The Associated Press that the company has changed the name back to its original.

The spokeswoman said user contributions help provide an up-to-date map, but also occasionally lead to inaccuracies.

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Nov 28, 2016
This comment has been removed by a moderator.

Dec 04, 2016
This kind of disparaging activity by liberals just discredits themselves and all liberals. It seems every time some hate crime vandalism is committed, when they find out who did it, it was some liberal trying to make it look like there's a bunch of racist/homophobic people around. All it shows is there's a bunch of liberals who want it to look that way.

Dec 04, 2016
Little lost American snowflakes. My schadenfreude knows no bounds.

Dec 04, 2016
Very understated in my view. How about 'Tosspot Towers'? 'Misogynist Towers'? 'I am a non-tax paying, lying cnut Towers'?
Good luck, USA. You'll need it. You have my best wishes, but most certainly not my envy!

Dec 05, 2016
Having the nasty name of Trump on these buildings makes them the prime target for terrorists and Decent Folk who hate what he is doing to our nation. The Decent Folk are not violent, but might ask the Trump customers if they grab their wives by the pu$$y.

Dec 05, 2016
I can visualize the big "T" in the tower name in the sights of a terrorists' rocket launcher.

Seriously, how are we/they going to protect these targets? We had better not use government folk to protect private businesses. I know Comey provided the basis for governmental intrusion into civilian affairs, but it must stop there.

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