Wireless signals can detect your feelings with new device

September 20, 2016

What if your computer or smartphone could tell if you're happy or sad?

A new device developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aims to detect emotions by sending wireless signals that measure heartbeats as the signals bounce off a person's body.

Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory say their device is 87 percent accurate in using heartrate and what it's already learned about a person to recognize joy, pleasure, sadness or anger, after the device first measures how each individual's body reacts in various emotional states.

It works like an electrocardiogram monitor but without needing a sensor on the body to measure heartbeats.

They say it could one day be used by advertising agencies to gauge audience reaction or in health care to diagnose depression or anxiety.

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More information: Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals: eqradio.csail.mit.edu/files/eqradio-paper.pdf

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not rated yet Sep 20, 2016
It could also be used by law enforcement to justify shooting you.
not rated yet Sep 20, 2016
"What if your computer or smartphone could tell if you're happy or sad?"

-Better yet, lying or telling the truth.

We are developing a suite of technologies which will be able to detect lies with the same certainty which we can now detect identity based on DNA.

Soon we will enter the courtroom with the verdict already in hand, with only the need to assign the appropriate penalty.

Justice will be certain. And as all people and everything of value will soon be tagged and tracked to ascertain their location and status, crime will become impossible.

And who wouldnt welcome this but the criminals and psychopaths among us? Who is afraid of the truth but those among us who profit from lies?

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