Intel ventures into virtual reality with headset and new studio

Intel is diving head-first into virtual reality, announcing Tuesday at its annual developers forum in San Francisco that it is working on its own headset, collaborating with Microsoft to bring the medium to PCs, and opening a studio in Los Angeles focused on virtual reality content.

Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich was scant on details of the LA studio, named Intel Tech Experience Labs, but said it will be "dedicated to pushing the limits of the technology for production, to really define what is possible with the tech."

Unlike a traditional film studio, the lab will focus on helping others create video using Intel technology.

Intel did not immediately respond to requests for comment about when and where the lab will open.

The lab follows in the footsteps of other makers such as the Facebook-owned Oculus, which, in addition to building hardware, also has studios that create content and support developers who want to make games, movies and other .

Intel's virtual reality headset, Project Alloy, is expected to launch in 2017 and boasts "merged reality" technology, which lets users see and use their hands in the virtual world. The device is cordless and does not require external sensors.

The chipmaker will make the headset "open," which means developers and partners will be able to use the Alloy blueprint to make their own products.

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