Why resist? Get Windows 10 while it's still free

Why resist? Get Windows 10 while it's still free
This Tuesday, June 28, 2016, photo shows Windows 10 operating on a Microsoft Surface computer, photographed in New York. Windows 10 modernizes computing by merging the best of desktop and touch-screen experiences. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

What are you waiting for? There are few reasons left to resist Microsoft's Windows 10 update, especially while it's still free.

Wait another month, and it will cost you $120 .

Since Windows 10 came out nearly a year ago, some users have complained that they got the upgrade without meaning to.

But why hold out? Windows 10 is better than either of its predecessors, Windows 7 and 8. Even if you disagree after upgrading, you have a month to go back . Think of it as a free trial.



Windows 7 made sense when personal computers were largely boxes with monitors, keyboards and mice (or touchpads on laptops). But many computers now have touch screens, and web pages, games and software are increasingly designed with touch in mind.

Microsoft responded with Windows 8, but overcompensated. Its touch-centric approach eliminated many aspects of Windows 7 that worked well on traditional computers. In such cases, it left you feeling as though you were using two different machines—one for touch and one for mice—neither of which worked perfectly.

Windows 10 combines the best of both, without that awkward tug of war. Choose desktop mode when you have a keyboard and mouse, and choose tablet mode when they are detached. You can make this automatic or have Windows prompt you each time. Your choice. You also get more control than Windows 8 over when the on-screen keyboard pops up.

Even if you don't have a touch screen, you'll still get some innovations from the touch world, including one-click access to common settings such as Wi-Fi and screen brightness.


Windows 10 brings biometric sign-ins to computers with such capabilities. Instead of a password, you can use a fingerprint or have the device's camera verify your identity. Even if your computer lacks biometrics, signing in is simplified with a four-digit PIN. If it's good enough for your bank's ATM card, it's good enough for your computer.

Microsoft has also ditched the much-maligned Internet Explorer browser for a new one called Edge. It's not only cleaner and faster than IE, it offers a few new wrinkles. For instance, Edge lets you sketch on a web page with your finger or a stylus and then share it with friends or colleagues. Of course, you don't have to use Edge if you prefer other popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Windows 10 also brings Microsoft's voice assistant, Cortana, to PCs. It might feel awkward talking to a machine at your desk, but many software companies, at least, believe voice is the future. Even Apple's bringing its Siri assistant to the Mac.


Windows 10 isn't perfect. For instance, it's difficult to scroll through Google spreadsheets on Edge. For that, Google's Chrome browser is better. Windows also won't let you rename or move files when they are open, as you can on Mac computers.

The good news: Microsoft no longer treats Windows as something that gets overhauled every few years. Windows 10 has been getting smaller updates roughly once a month. A bigger one coming on Aug. 2 will offer more uses for Cortana and a new feature called Windows Ink, which lets you use a digital stylus to draw or write notes on documents, maps and other apps.


These regular updates are designed to be automatic and seamless, and users of the lower-end Home edition don't even have a choice. But for the most part, smartphone apps already update automatically, as does Google's system for Chromebook computers.

As for getting Windows 10 itself, one worry was its potential incompatibility with older apps and accessories. But makers of those apps and accessories have had nearly a year to offer fixes. By this point, only really old and obscure hardware should give you trouble.

Older machines with slower processors, less memory and less storage space also might run into performance issues. But if your computer's that slow, it might be time for a new machine anyway.

Microsoft began phasing out Windows 7 last year, and new apps are designed for Windows 10. You might find yourself shut out by clinging on to the past.


Microsoft's Get Windows 10 app will verify that you meet minimum system requirements, though minimum doesn't mean speedy.

You should first back up your files to an external drive or cloud storage in case something goes wrong. But even without one, you should be able to return to Windows 7 or 8 within 31 days of upgrading. In the settings, go to "Update & security" and then "Recovery." Your files should be OK, but you'll lose any apps installed after upgrading to Windows 10.

July 29 is the last day you can upgrade for free. After that, you'll have to pay up or buy a new computer.

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Microsoft wants you using Windows 10, like it or not

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User comments

Jun 29, 2016
Why not update to windows 10?
For one thing it cant keep the right date, every day the calendar move forward a couple of days (at 10pm and 11pm).
Or it keeps asking me for my password when waking up from lock screen even though I set it not to do it. And it keeps changing the keyboard layout every time it wakes up as well.
This OS must have been made by a bunch of software illiterate morons!

And, it is full of software junk as well. All things that can interest only brain dead people (or mac users, which is the same)!

Enough good reasons?

Jun 29, 2016
Resistance is futile.
This virus will assimilate you.

Jun 29, 2016
A few months ago MicroSoft downgraded my desktop from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 without my permission ... and my computer would no longer boot. Seems it does not like the PCI-E card that provides me with SATA3 ports because my motherboard has none. And I can't switch my boot drive to a port on the mobo because it is a 6GB SATA3 drive.

I did voluntarily give Win10 a try on my laptop ... and found that some apps I use a lot no longer worked, including XNews, TMpegEnc, and - believe it or not - MS Office 2010. Microsoft did, however, tell me that a fast and easy solution was available - just spend $450 buy newer versions of those TMpegEnc and MS Office even though they work just fine on Win7. No thanks.

(XNews is a free nntp app that hasn't been updated for years but it does the job I need it to do and newer apps are unable to import things like my kill and score files - many even lack basic capabilities like scoring.)

Jun 29, 2016
Nice ad. Go away Microsoft.

Jun 30, 2016
It also breaks tons of classic old games. Nice to see phys.org is on the take from microsoft and willing to disguise ads as legit articles. Micro$oft just lost a lawsuit over their windows 10 thuggery not long ago too. LOL. Linux FTW!

Jun 30, 2016
is this some kind of joke?
i have spent the last two weeks changing people's computers back to windows 7 after windows 10 installed without their permission, or disabling windows update as the only way to be sure windows 10 wont install.
so, it seems to me there is little reason to encourage people to move on to windows 10 when they are already being moved to windows ten wether the want to or not.
can i do an article about ubuntu 16.04 lts it's great and my touch screen worked straight away, so any reason not to upgrade from windows 10 to ubuntu? none that i can see, just turn off updates on windows 7 so ya can play all ya old games.

Jun 30, 2016
i have spent the last two weeks changing people's computers back to windows 7 after windows 10 installed without their permission

Actually, this is MicroSucks business plan. Hold you for ransom with Win 10 and then make you pay up for the Win 7 "upgrade".

Jul 02, 2016
guess i'll be skipping the upgrade thanks for the headsup

Jul 02, 2016
Nice ad, Microsoft. Thank you. And fuck off.

Jul 02, 2016
The main reason not to upgrade is if you have older hardware (4 years or so). Windows doesn't deal well with device drivers and this area has long been the weakest point in it. That said, the laptop I'm writing this on has been upgraded and works fine; it's a Toshiba Satellite that's only a couple years old.

Jul 02, 2016
This PC keeps claiming a '10 upgrade is 'essential'. Unfortunately, not only would a 'successful' upgrade trash a load of accessories I had to replace after XP -> 8.1u1, but Microsoft's own compatibility checks say '10 won't work'...

Against that, I've a new 10" tablet that came with '10 installed. Not a 'Surface' tablet, but an independent. Stuff Siri, Edge & Co, not to mention subscription Office-- My killer-app is text-only 'Notepad' with 14-point Aphont !!

Oh, and the '10 interface is so cluttered & clunky on 10" screen, I've resorted to a 'hand-held trackball mouse'...

Jul 02, 2016
Why resist? Get Windows 10 while it's still free

I'll keep windows 7 tankyouverymuch...until support runs out. Then it's time for a new machine. The only reason for me to have windows at all was visual studio. Now that other IDEs have caught up that's no longer an issue. So next machine will be powered by Linux and: goodbye - good riddance - Microsoft.

Jul 03, 2016
I did'nt want to but It upgraded on it's own zero intervention took about an hour which is all good. & I quite like it within reason

Jul 04, 2016
antigoracle invokes the phrase, "Resistance is futile". Freud can be criticized for many of his more elaborate ideas, but it can be said that there are instances when certain individuals can be said to have engaged in a "Freudian slip". Why, "Why resist?"? They could have said, "Why delay?" or "Why linger?" or "Why be indecisive?" If someone "resists", it suggests that another is acting aggressively toward them, and that the aggressor is doing it for their own good, not the other person's welfare. Microsoft can be admitting their craven machination, and Phys Org admitting their underhanded willingness to shill. If not a "Freudian slip", can this terminology be a subliminal influence aimed at those who can be affected that way? Can Microsoft be working on something behind the scenes that they hope will force people to use Windows 10?

Jul 04, 2016
It seems even a free version of windows is avoided by most users, why o why is that the case.
Maybe because MS has a proven track record of not being trustworthy (to put it mildly) and being very good at delivering a very bad product creating lots and lots of problems, time and time again.
Nah, that couldn't be it ...

Jul 04, 2016
From classic authorship to finger painting - how is that progress?

Because of the radical features that Windows 10 wants to push onto you, you can bet that there will be no end to the bug fixes and upgrades well past Windows 20.

My Windows Update is always set OFF. I use a Windows 7 Ultimate edition OS that I upgraded from Home Premium on the sly with a key I found online to unlock what I already paid for, and it works fine on my MS-proof Clean Machine.

If down the line my Windows 7 internet experience is compromised because of Window 10's cloud-centric and transparent computer control experimentation I will just move to Linux.


Jul 04, 2016
As an IT professional I am NOT upgrading to Windows 10, the installation process has trashed too many computers.

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