Can you detect driverless cars based on driving behaviours?

Can you detect driverless cars based on driving behaviours?
Southampton driving simulator

Members of the public are being sought to take part in a new study by the University of Southampton to understand people's perceptions of automated vehicles.

Participants will be required to view a series of four to five second videos of a car (a white Tesla Model S) making lane changes, while down the motorway, and to decide whether it is being driven by a human driver or a computer.

The survey, which can be done from any computer or mobile device, takes about 10 minutes in total.

To take part, you must have held a full driving license for at least one year and have had regular experience driving on the roads.

The study is being led by Professor Neville Stanton from the University's Transportation Research Group. He said: "The study will help us to understand the effect of new vehicle automated systems on driving behaviour and . We hope that the results will help to detect potential problems before the automated systems are launched on the market."

The research is part of the 'Human Factors for automated driving' (HFAuto, project, which is funded by the European Commission. It involves European industrial and academic partners to investigate relevant issues and questions that the implementation of highly automated vehicles will pose to society.

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More information: To take part in the study, please follow this link:
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Apr 08, 2016
I play this game when I'm driving of picking the gender of the driver by how they drive. I'm usually right. Generally by seeing people (mostly women and elderly who drive alike) doing stupid things and sometimes smart things. For instance if you see someone pull to the right before turning right it will almost always be a man. If you someone bear left before making a right turn it will almost always be a woman. Call me sexist but my experience is that women are much more clueless behind the wheel then men.

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