Majority of Americans back FBI in battle with Apple

February 22, 2016

A majority of Americans support the US government's efforts to force Apple to help unlock an iPhone in the probe of last year's deadly San Bernardino attacks, a poll showed Monday.

The Pew Research Center survey found 51 percent of respondents supported the effort to require Apple to help unlock the iPhone, while 38 percent said Apple should not unlock the phone to ensure the security of its other users. Eleven percent did not offer an opinion.

In the poll taken from February 18-21—shortly after news broke about the standoff—75 percent in the survey said they were aware of the deadlock, with 39 percent saying they had heard "a lot" and 36 percent indicating they heard "a little" about it.

Support for the government's case was highest among the older poll respondents, by a 54-27 percent margin among those 65 or older.

There was little difference between Democrat and Republican , but independents were nearly split on the issue, with 42 percent siding with Apple to 45 percent for the government.

Smartphone owners were in support of the government by a 51-40 percent margin, but among iPhone owners the support was a bit lower at 47-43 percent.

The researchers surveyed 1,002 American adults by mobile or . The margin of error for the full sample was estimated at 3.7 percentage points.

US authorities are seeking to enforce an order to require Apple to provide technical assistance to unlock the iPhone of one of the attackers. Apple and its supporters argue that complying would set a precedent that would weaken security for all users.

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not rated yet Feb 22, 2016
Only a moron would claim that a 51% from a poll is a majority (of the whole population). The error is almost certainly several %, probably a lot more. Plus the fact that few "Americans" could even come close to explaining what it is that the court is demanding, specifically. I certainly don't, and I'm better informed on it than 95% (my guess) of the population. Typical non news news. Ideas for future polls: Green's Theorem: true or false? Fusion energy: Tokamak or Inertial Confinement? Space-time curvature: spherical or hyperbolic?
not rated yet Feb 23, 2016
It is nothing but propaganda on both sides. On one side, FBI started disgusting campaign of fear and loathing, even CR on Boomberg invited fear mongers s who suggest that is if the iPhone is not unlocked a ticking bomb will go off somewhere and Apple would be responsible for it and that if Cook's family member was kidnapped he would have ordered unlocking immediately, a Gestapo/KGB style threats and baseless Orwellian insinuations.

Apple on the other side is just promoting his toughness again US government in order to keep its in Chinese market share that would be devastated if Apple complies with the order.

All of that while they already have a hack, a back door to get any info from iPhone they wanted but they screwed it up.

A comedy of absurd, nothing more revoking our privacy rights.

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