Amazon launches Fire tablet in China

The Amazon Fire tablet will launch in China
The Amazon Fire tablet will launch in China

Amazon said Thursday it was launching its Fire tablet in China, and had agreed to a partnership with Internet firm Baidu to provide search and applications for the device.

"With access to hundreds of thousands of Kindle books and with English language learning features like Word Wise, Fire is an easy and affordable option for customers who want to read or learn English," the US online giant said in a statement.

Amazon added that Baidu would "provide a search, apps, and online video experience on Amazon in China."

The seven-inch screen tablet will sell for 499 yuan, or under $80.

"We've already sold millions of Fire tablets since launch, and we're excited to now make it available to customers in China," said Neil Lindsay, for Amazon Devices.

"With millions of readers already using Kindle e-readers in China, we're excited to now offer another incredibly affordable option, particularly for customers learning to read English."

Amazon has not disclosed sales figures for its tablets but said this week that it sold "millions" following the launch of a new line of Fire tablets which included one priced at $50.

The US retail giant is believed to have only a small share of the global tablet market led by Apple, Samsung and Chinese manufacturers.

Analysts say Amazon uses the devices to build brand loyalty and sell more e-books, video and music.

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