Tablet market slumps as buyers find alternatives

Apple is seeking to carve out a new niche in the tablet market with the iPad Pro, pictured on September 9, 2015, which has a det
Apple is seeking to carve out a new niche in the tablet market with the iPad Pro, pictured on September 9, 2015, which has a detachable keyboard

Global sales of tablet computers fell for a fourth consecutive quarter, as buyers put off replacement or looked to alternative devices, a survey showed Thursday.

The report by market tracker IDC showed a 12.6 percent year-over-year decline in tablet sales in the July-September quarter, with 48.7 million devices shipped.

IDC analysts said tablet owners are not replacing the devices as frequently as in the past. And some are shifting to large smartphones, or "phablets," or to lightweight PCs, some of which have detachable keyboards.

"We continue to get feedback that tablet users are holding onto devices upwards of four years," said IDC analyst Ryan Reith.

"We believe the traditional slate tablet has a place in the personal computing world. However, as the smartphone installed base continues to grow and the devices get bigger and more capable, the need for smaller form factor slate tablets becomes less clear. With shipment volumes slowing over four consecutive quarters, the market appears to be in transition."

Apple, which effectively created the market with its iPad in 2010, led all vendors even though its market share slipped to 20.3 percent and the number of iPads sold slumped 19.7 percent, IDC said.

South Korea's Samsung held the number two spot with a 16.5 percent market share, even as the number of units sold slid 17 percent to eight million.

IDC said the global installed base of tablets at the end of last year was 581.9 million—up 36 percent from 2013 but slowing.

"With mature markets like North America, Western Europe, and Asia/Pacific well past 100 million active tablets per region, the opportunities for growth are getting fewer," the IDC report said.

Apple is seeking to carve out a new niche in the market with the iPad Pro, which has a detachable keyboard and is expected to go on sale next month, while Samsung has a similar called the Tab S2.

After the two big vendors, China's Lenovo was in third place with a 6.3 percent , followed by Taiwan's Asus (four percent) and China's Huawei (3.7 percent), IDC figures showed.

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Oct 30, 2015
There are reasons for not using a tablet much:
They do not want to run computer software like we are used to running it.
They are not keyboard friendly..they like to pop up their own keyboard and darken the screens or put junk in the way of where one wants to type. REALLY IRKSOME!!
They do not display web pages right...assume ALL tablets are cellfones and use shorthand headline only zingers
They are TOO touch oriented and do not provide mouse interfaces
They are TOO S -- L -- O -- W
Tablet operating systems are ICK!! EWWW!! like to have a pure Linux tablet with linux console windows...
They have no real windowing. EVERYthing is FOOOOL screem..GET IT
They have a reallly fucking obnoxious 'screen saver' that does not allow much reading before GOING BLACK and can NOT be disbled!!!??
They just LOVE that fucking CLOUD toooo much
They are not friendly to adding drives, CD roms, etc.
And ON and ON and ON....EQUALS...TOTAL JUNK!!

Oct 30, 2015
Might add:
You NEED glasses to read them. The screeems are toooo small to begin with.
Can understand why folks go back to cell fones....tablets are really overgrown cell fones withOUT the ability to be a real fone.
They are kinda heavy and delicate. Seen a lot of them break when dropped cuz the 'gorilla glass is really thin and has NO edge protection at ALL
They are really touchy around the edges ...touch screen... so are hard to handle unless one buys an acessory blue tooth keyboard and sandwich board to hold the contraption so you do not have to touch it.
You can NOT scroll the damn thing without going to some 'ad' that you do not care to see just because you inadvertantly 'touched' it....unless you use above mentioned keyboard...extra $$$
You have problems buying chargers cuz places that sell them sell 'fone' chargers that are not up to the job
They come with monthly bills like a fone, but with out the usefulness of a fone

Nov 03, 2015
Good work Osiris!

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