Microsoft and Google call truce in patent wars

Technology titans Microsoft and Google on Wednesday announced that they have agreed to end all patent infringement litigation against each other.

Legal battles between the companies included suits over technology for Internet-linked mobile devices, WiFi and .

Details of the agreement were not disclosed, but the tech behemoths said it includes cases related to Motorola Mobility.

"The companies will dismiss all pending patent infringement litigation between them, including cases related to Motorola Mobility," Microsoft and Google said in a joint statement.

Google last year sold Motorola Mobility to Chinese computer giant Lenovo in a deal valued at $2.9 billion, but held on to patents.

"Separately, Google and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers."

The kind of collaboration the industry rivals have in mind was not disclosed.

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has made a priority of making the 's applications and cloud services available across mobile devices, regardless of what software powers the hardware.

Microsoft would also like to boost the popularity of Windows smartphones and tablets with popular Google offerings such as YouTube.

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