State Dept. to release 7,000 pages of emails, 150 censored

State Dept. to release 7,000 pages of emails, 150 censored
In this photo taken Aug. 27, 2015, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks in Cleveland. The State Department is expected to release roughly 7,000 pages of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's emails later Monday, including about 150 that have been censored because they contain information that has now been deemed classified. (AP Photo/David Richard)

The State Department will release roughly 7,000 pages of Hillary Rodham Clinton's emails Monday, including about 150 emails that have been censored because they contain information that is now deemed classified.

Department officials said the redacted information was classified in preparation for the public release of the emails and not identified as classified at the time Clinton sent or received the messages. All the censored material in the latest group of emails is classified at the "confidential" level, not at higher "top secret" or compartmentalized levels, they said.

"It's somewhere around 150 that have been subsequently upgraded" in classification, State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

Still, the increasing amounts of blacked-out information from Clinton's history as secretary of state will surely prompt additional questions about her handling of government secrets while in office and that of her most trusted advisers. The Democratic presidential front-runner now says her use of a home email server for government business was a mistake, and government inspectors have pointed to exchanges that never should have been sent via unsecured channels.

Toner insisted that nothing encountered in the agency's review of Clinton's documents "was marked classified."

Government employees are instructed not to paraphrase or repeat in any form classified material in unsecured email.

Monday evening's release will amount to more pages of email than released in the previous three months combined. Once public, it will mean roughly a quarter of all of the correspondence Clinton qualified as "work emails" has been published. Clinton provided the State Department some 30,000 pages of documents late last year, while deleting a similar amount from her server because she said they were personal in nature.

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Aug 31, 2015
Uh ooh vietvet will be peeing his diapers over this. His favorite traitor is under scrutiny

Sep 01, 2015
Instead of looking at emails, let's look at economic performance under Democrats versus Republicans.

Republicans got us into the nation's longest loser wars, have yet to pay for them , and made it impossible with tax breaks for millionaires to ever pay off the Reagan/Bush National Debt. Mired in the Great Republican Economic Meltdown from Dubya, we are stifled and hindered by their Police State, another huge drain on our economy.

Look up how big it was just before Reagan got hold of it - LESS than ONE trillion dollars!

Sep 01, 2015
Hillary - another psychopath. Psychopathy is an epidemic. Psychopaths think they are entitled to do anything they want and get away with it.

This is why prisons are full of them.

She didn't use any other email service and undoubtedly sent and received classified messages.

Therefore some of the messages on her bathroom server were classified.
legacy of peace
Ahaahaaaaa it is the demo supporters who started the whole black Lives matter movement by deeming thugs and gang bangers like Michael brown martyrs.

The lies like hands up don't shoot were legitimizedoing by the media and resulted in neighborhoods burned and 100 cops injured.

And cop assassinations.

This is not peace.

Hillary supporters know they need someone willing to lie and cheat in the white house in order to further their minority agendas.

And this psychopath is just what they need.

Sep 01, 2015
This "otto" guy is screaming "HELP ME!", here.

Can anybody help?

He is another Ted Kaczynski, I fear.

Sep 01, 2015
Oh come on george. You're the psychopath here. I've never threatened fellow posters while you've threatened many. You've expressed a desire to kill gun owners.

You're the one who admits to long term psychotherapy but refuses to disclose details. We must assume it was mandated as a result of some legal or domestic problems.

This is the way psychopaths think:

"When asked if he had ever committed a violent offense, a man serving time for theft answered, "No, but I once had to kill someone."

A woman with a staggering record of fraud, deceit, lies, and broken promises concluded a letter to the parole board with, "I've let a lot of people down… One is only as good as her reputation and name. My word is as good as gold."

A man serving a term for armed robbery replied to the testimony of an eyewitness, "He's lying. I wasn't there. I should have blown his fucking head off."

-You lie as easily as most people breathe.

Sep 01, 2015
Uh ooh vietvet will be peeing his diapers over this. His favorite traitor is under scrutiny

Wrong, I've never voted for her and wont in next years primary. If she wins the the nomination I'll have to hold my nose and vote for her, primarily because the next President will likely be appointing several new Supreme Court justices.

Sep 06, 2015
Wrong, I've never voted for her and wont in next years primary.
I call bullshiyte on that one. You downvote anything that would thwart the powers that be or their moron-ideologies. You pretend to advocate atheism but return to being a Vatican+bankster muppet when nobody is looking

Sep 06, 2015
"-You lie as easily as most people breathe."

In what field are you a doctor? Fact is, you are a nothing, and just irritated and maddened I beat you at your own silly game of gotcha. I am real, you are not.

But it is fascinating to see you waste your entire day with Ira, hunting down all my posts and awarding them ones. Soon, it was frantic, and I had to keep posting so I could capture in these records your fixation.

It was so popular, and you thought so much of it, I started doing it to you. Now, we cannot debate any issue, because you have yet to get even with me.

Keep trying.

Meanwhile, we will attempt to stay on the issues.

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