Snapchat brings on Buzzfeed and iHeartRadio as partners

Snapchat has replaced Yahoo and Warner Music Group with iHeartRadio and Buzzfeed on the list of about a dozen media organizations that get a big opportunity to generate revenue through the popular entertainment app.

Through the 6-month-old Snapchat Discover feature, millions of users have quick access to a daily dose of articles and videos from outlets such as ESPN, Comedy Central and People magazine.

Companies furnish content on Snapchat by creating their own user accounts, but being a part of Discover brings with it heavier promotion and the chance to run officially sanctioned ads. Recent advertisers have included the Adult Swim television network, SodaStream, CiCi's Pizza and the Truth anti-smoking campaign.

A Snapchat spokeswoman said Monday that the Los Angeles startup has been tracking what content works best on Discover, so that suggests users weren't jumping to see news from Yahoo and videos from Warner.

For Warner, it didn't help that were in a horizontal format rather than the vertical orientation more common on Snapchat.

In its channel, Yahoo had used former TV news anchor Katie Couric as the narrator of a miniature daily newscast. But recently, she had made few appearances as Yahoo increasingly tried to promote health, , style and other non-news content.

"We're in the business of iterating in general and look at new concepts for doing so on an ongoing basis," a Yahoo spokesperson had said earlier this month.

Snapchat could find new ways to work with Yahoo and Warner because both play important roles in the music world - an area Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Spiegel has sought to focus on.

Online media startup Buzzfeed's debut included several jokes alongside videos about Americans' eating habits and tips on doing laundry. iHeartRadio, known primarily for its radio streaming app, featured an interview with singer Adam Lambert, music news and comedic bits as well.

In a prepared statement, Vanessa Adamo, iHeartMedia's senior vice president for entertainment enterprises, called Discover "a valuable partnership" and "the perfect platform for iHeartRadio's short-form content, which features unparalleled access to today's hottest artists and celebrities."

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