Google still struggling to diversify beyond white, Asian men

Google's workforce is still dominated by white and Asian men even after the Internet company hired a woman to fill one out of every five of its openings for computer programmers and other high-paying technology jobs last year.

The ongoing lack of diversity emerged in a demographic breakdown that Google released Monday.

Just 18 percent of Google's technology jobs were held by women entering 2015, up a percentage point from the previous year. The rest of them were filled by men who were mostly white or Asian.

The latest snapshot of Google's workforce comes roughly a year after Google publicly disclosed the gender and ethnic makeup of its payroll for the first time to cast spotlight on a diversity problem vexing the entire technology industry.

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Jun 02, 2015
And what about ageism? They need to have quotas for those over 80 years old. Say every 1 out of 5 hired should be at least 80 y/o. And what about Laplanders! I'll bet there's not one single female Laplander over the age of 80 working in all of Silicon Valley! How can you call your industry diverse with no 80 y/o female Laplanders??

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