Tropical Depression 90L was captured by the near infrared camera on the AIRS instrument on May 6, 2015. Credit: NASA JPL, Ed Olson

Although the non-tropical low pressure system in the North Atlantic has moved little during the past several hours it has become better defined with increasing organization of the associated thunderstorm activity. The low is located 230 miles south-southeast of North/South Carolina border.

Conditions are gradually becoming more conducive to its development to a within the next 24 to 48 hours.

A reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to fly over the storm and further in investigate it. 90L is expected to drift northward over the next few days. With the low out in the Atlantic, are expected over the coast southeastern portion of the United States over the next several days.

The chance of 90L forming into a Tropical Storm in the next 48 hours is 70 percent at present according to the National Hurricane Center.

On May 06, the AIRS instrument aboard NASA's Aqua satellite saw cloud top temperatures as cold as 210 kelvin/-63.1F/-81.6C (purple) in powerful thunderstorms within Tropical Disturbance 90L. Credit: NASA JPL/Ed Olsen