Microsoft releases lineup of planned Windows 10 editions

Windows 10

Windows 10 will be released with at least six different variants, with features tailored for businesses, personal users and mobile devices, Microsoft said Wednesday.

The new of Microsoft's operating system, expected to be released in a staggered fashion beginning this summer, is designed to give people a similar experience whether they're using a desktop computer, smartphone or any device in between. The Seattle-area company has made a similar pitch to , saying Windows 10 will allow them to write the code underlying an application once and be able to convert the program to laptop and smartphone variants with minimal extra effort.

But that doesn't mean the software will be exactly the same for all users.

Windows 10 will come in Home, Mobile, and Pro editions tailored for individual users, and Enterprise, Mobile Enterprise and Education versions for businesses and , Microsoft marketing executive Tony Prophet said in a blog post. Customized enterprise versions of the software are planned for industry devices like cash registers and ATMs (along with a mobile-focused variant), as well as a stripped down "internet of things" edition for small devices.

The personal versions will be offered as a free upgrade to most existing Windows users during the first year after the software's launch, Microsoft announced in January.

Business-tailored versions won't be free, though Microsoft hasn't disclosed pricing details. As with prior Windows releases, these editions are slated to come with enhanced security and networking features, as well as the ability to delay and customize planned updates to the software, Prophet said.

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