Twitch warns users of possible hacking incident's video game streaming platform Twitch informed users that their accounts may have been hacked.

Twitch told users that it had taken steps to accelerate the expiration of their passwords and stream keys as a precaution, while disconnecting accounts from Twitter and YouTube.

It also recommended that users change their passwords at other sites where similar passwords are used.

Twitch is a multi-channel online network built for people who not only enjoy , but find it entertaining to watch others who might impart tricks and tips for excelling at their favorite games.

E-commerce giant Inc. bought Twitch for $970 million in 2014 as part of a move to take part in video gaming's growth as an online spectator sport.

Twitch said it will communicate directly with affected users, according to the message sent Monday.

Figures from July 2014, just before the Amazon buyout, show that Twitch viewed more than 15 billion minutes of content produced by more than 1 million broadcasters, ranging from individual gamers, pro players, publishers, developers and others.

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