Lava creeps toward lots in Big Island subdivision

Lava is about a tenth of a mile from the edge of a rural subdivision on Hawaii's Big Island.

Hawaii County spokesman Kevin Dayton says from Kilauea (kih-luh-WAY'-uh) volcano has slowed over the past three days.

The lots in the Kaohe (cah-OH'-hay) Homesteads subdivision that are closest to the lava are vacant, and officials say no homes are in imminent danger.

Meanwhile, work continues to prepare unpaved, defunct roads to be used as alternate routes if lava reaches a major highway. Officials say that could happen within weeks.

Hawaii Volcano Observatory spokeswoman Janet Babb says the speed of lava depends on the supply of magma and what's going on inside the volcano.

Observatory scientists are expected to fly over the flow Monday to get an update on when lava could reach roads.

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