Fargo 6th-graders mop up against college investors

A class of sixth-graders from North Dakota has schooled some of the best college business students in the country on the stock market.

It started as a competition between the regular and advanced classes at Fargo's Oak Grove Lutheran School, where Dave Carlson enrolled his students with an online investment company that at the same time was holding a university challenge that offered a $5,000 first prize.

Virginia-based McIntire Investment Institute won that contest with an 18.5 percent return. But Carlson's regular math class yielded a nearly 22 percent gain and trounced all the university clubs on a return-since-creation basis.

Carlson's Math Minions, as they call themselves, focused on companies they knew about with good track records, and included in their basket stocks like Netflix, Starbucks and Under Armour.

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