A new paper explores the importance of maintaining ties with family during imprisonment

Three researchers from the University of Huddersfield have published a paper in the Prison Service Journal looking at the important issue of what affect family ties and relationships can have on the prisoner, as well as how imprisonment can influence the family.

This paper presents a qualitative evaluation of the Family Support Project (FSP) delivered at HMP New Hall, a female establishment located in West Yorkshire.

The FSP was delivered by one female Family Support Officer (FSO) and managed by Lincolnshire Action Trust (LAT). Semi-structured interviews and focus groups were used to elicit the views of residents, their members, those responsible for delivering the project and representatives from statutory agencies. The findings revealed a high demand for the services of the FSP.

Participants spoke positively about the FSO's approachable nature, dedication and ability to communicate effectively with other agencies.

The benefits of Family Days in maintaining family ties, and Final Contact adoption visits for residents saying farewell to children, are also discussed.

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