New database tracks 11,000 global rendition flights

May 23, 2013, University of Kent
New database tracks 11,000 global rendition flights

A new University-hosted database has tracked over 11,000 flights by more than 120 aircraft linked by past investigations to renditions.

It also contains details of over 50 contracted for or by the CIA in relation to rendition flights.

The database is the latest addition to the Rendition Project, an online project designed to analyse the global system of rendition, secret detention and torture initiated by the US. The new database will enable users to search for, and visualise, underlying data contained within the Rendition Project via an showing rendition flights. underpinning the database is collated from over 40 separate sources.

Launched in May 2012, the Rendition Project is part of wider research to collate and analyse huge amounts of data on the global rendition system. It is led by Dr Ruth Blakeley, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Kent's School of Politics and , and Dr Sam Raphael, Lecturer in Politics at Kingston University. They work closely with Reprieve, a UK-based legal action charity which has led the way in investigating secret prisons and representing victims of rendition and torture.

Dr Blakeley said: 'The global rendition system was deliberately established to facilitate the arbitrary detention and torture of terror suspects, and has involved dozens of countries worldwide. For the first time, we can shed light on the workings of the global rendition system as a whole.

'We have produced the first integrated set of data and analysis that enables users to seamlessly navigate their way through the US-led global web of secret prisons and illicit prisoner transfers by dozens of privately owned aircraft, contracted by the CIA through a network of private subcontractors.

'This includes being able to show how the US and its allies went to extraordinary lengths to try and conceal the global rendition system as knowledge of it began to emerge'.

Dr Blakeley concluded: 'By bringing together a vast collection of documents and data, the Rendition Project has just published the most detailed picture to date of the scale, operation and evolution of the global system of rendition and secret detention in the "war on terror".'

The Rendition Flights , produced in collaboration with The Information Lab, a company specialising in this type of web tool, can be viewed here:

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1 / 5 (1) May 23, 2013
This is a totally biased political statement, not a "study", based on 40 sources that will no doubt not be disclosed, and the 50 private aircraft companies, which will also not be disclosed, totally also about "torture" that will not be defined, to build a "database", the methodology and input which is top secret, and strictly aimed at the US and allies, and which will name only BusHitler, not the Lightbringer, receipient of a prophetic Nobel Peace Prize, who is working hard to lower the seas.

None of the countries where real torture is actually practiced on a wide scale as an official policy, i.e., any Muslim country, Russia, China, Cuba et al, never are the subject of these "studies", because they are the least transparent and least free countries on the planet, but whose politics, economic policy, and cultures are much beloved by the social "scientists" and gathering any data is extremely difficult, not that they want to look there anyway.

1 / 5 (1) May 23, 2013
"Torture" for the purposes of "studies" like this include every possible claim made by a Muslim, regardless of lack of evidence and even seriousness. I recall the "torture" from stories about having to be interrogated by a female, having a bug (not an eavesdropping device, but an actual insect) place in the cell, descriptions of physical mistreatment that would have had to leave serious marks but magically didn't, pushing a "victim" up against a wall, sleep deprivation, and all sorts of similar baloney.

In Muslim countries, sodomizing with sharp objects, beatings, cutting off limbs and heads, whipping, things that any reasonably politically neutral person would recognize as being torture are all ignored in these fake "studies". But only the US and its allies commit "torture". It
This is a joke, not a "str
1 / 5 (1) May 23, 2013
Al Qaeda actually trains its "soldiers" on exactly how to scream "torture!" if captured, but they didn't even bother to teach then to make it believable instead of phantasmagorical.

This story is a joke, not a "study". I'll bet it even includes the totally made up story about flushing a Koran down the toilet (where it belongs.)

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