DARPA successfully tests gigapixel-class camera

Darpa successfully tests gigapixel-class camera

This is an image of a gigapixel camera currently being developed by DARPA’s Advanced Wide FOV Architectures for Image Reconstruction and Exploitation (AWARE) program.

As part of the program, DARPA successfully tested cameras with 1.4 and 0.96 gigapixel resolution at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC.

The gigapixel cameras combine 100-150 small cameras with a spherical objective lens. Local aberration correction and focus in the small cameras enable extremely high resolution shots with smaller system volume and less distortion than traditional wide field lens systems.

The effort hopes to produce resolution up to 10 and 50 gigapixels—much higher than the human eye can see. Analogous to a parallel-processor supercomputer, the AWARE design uses parallel multi-scale micro cameras to form a wide field panoramic image.

The AWARE program is developing new approaches and advanced capabilities in imaging to support a variety of Department of Defense missions. For more information, please visit the program page.

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