NXP ships LPC11U30 USB microcontrollers with 128 KB flash

NXP ships LPC11U30 USB microcontrollers with 128 KB flash

NXP Semiconductors today announced the LPC11U30 series of easy-to-use, very low-power USB microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex-M0 processor. Available immediately from major distributors worldwide, the LPC11U30 extends memory options for the award-winning LPC11U00 family with up to 4 KB of EEPROM, 12 KB of SRAM and 128 KB of NXP’s embedded flash with 256 bytes of erase sector. With extra-low active power consumption as low as 110 uA/MHz, the LPC11U30 microcontrollers are ideal for USB 2.0 applications requiring large memory sizes for local storage such as gaming mice and keyboards, glucose meters, and remote-controlled toys.

NXP ships LPC11U30 USB microcontrollers with 128 KB flash

The LPC11U30 supports the latest USB 2.0 specification with Link Power Management (LPM) mode, which allows a device to enter a suspended state when not in use. It also offers on-chip power profiles optimized for specific power levels, including a Low Current mode ideal for battery-powered applications that only connect to USB for occasional charging or data download. With multiple USB drivers integrated into ROM, the LPC11U30 microcontroller maximizes flash memory utilization and provides fully tested APIs that enable easy USB integration, which can be further enhanced by using nxpUSBlib, ’s fully featured open source USB library.

NXP ships LPC11U30 USB microcontrollers with 128 KB flash

Key specifications for the LPC11U30 devices include:

• ARM Cortex-M0 processor, up to 50 MHz
• 40 KB to 128 KB Flash, up to 12 KB SRAM
• Integrated ROM drivers including Human Interface Device (HID), Mass Storage Device Class (MSC), and Communication Device Class (CDC)
• Selectable USART with Smart Card Interface/UART, 2 SSP, I2C (Fm+)
• 8-channel high-precision 10-bit ADC with ±1LSB DNL
• Two 16-bit and two 32-bit timers with PWM/Match/Capture
• 12 MHz internal RC oscillator with 1 percent accuracy over temperature and voltage
• Up to 54 GPIOs
• Packages include TFBGA48, HVQFN33 (5 mm x 5 mm and 7 mm x 7 mm), LQFP48/64

Product samples of LPC11U30 series are available now from NXP distributors and sample stores. Development boards for the LPC11U30 series are available immediately through Embedded Artists, which offers a QuickStart board based on the LPC11U35 in an HVQFN33 package, and through NGX Technologies, which offers a development board based on the LPC11U37 in an LQFP48 package.

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