The iPad is a content consumption device. It was designed to load up with movies and music and books to let the user consume all those things effortlessly.

It was not meant to be a content creation device - at least not at first.

I know plenty of people, including myself, who wondered whether the iPad could be a viable replacement for a laptop. Heck, I want a full-functioning Macbook the size of the iPad.

For and reading email, I find the iPad to be ideal, but the on-screen is less than ideal for writing more than just a quick email response.

I'm a writer, and to write, I need a real keyboard. Luckily, made the iPad compatible with Bluetooth keyboards.

Plenty of companies have made Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad, and most are in some manner of folio case.

Logitech has been making keyboards for years, and it's made several models for the iPad. I've been using the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad, which works for the iPad 2 and the new iPad. It's not for the original iPad, as it's designed to work with the magnets built into the later iPads.

The Ultrathin, which sells for $99.99, is about the same size as the iPad, and it attaches to the iPad with the same magnets used by Apple's Smart Covers.

It also has the built-in magnets to put the iPad to sleep when it's closed and wake it up when it's open.

When the keyboard is attached to the iPad, it resembles a small laptop.

To use the keyboard, you separate the two pieces and fit the iPad into a slot in the keyboard. The slot has a magnet that keeps the iPad snugly in its place.

The iPad can fit vertically or horizontally in the slot.

The keyboard is a bit smaller than those on a Macbook Pro, but I found I could type at about 75 percent, even with my big fingers.

The keyboard runs on an that can last a few months on a charge.

There is a home key on the left side of the top row that functions the same as the home button on the iPad. Arrow keys on the bottom row make quick work of moving around the lines of your text.

There are also keys to help you select text for copying and pasting, as well as keys to control media playback and volume.

I can't think of much more I could want in an iPad keyboard. There's even a key to put the iPad to sleep.



-Pros: Great design, lightweight, good battery life

-Cons: Can't think of any

-Bottom line: I'm betting it'll be a long time before someone makes a better keyboard than the Logitech Ultrathin.

-Price: $99.99

-On the Web: .com