Hackers hit Greek ministry over austerity, anti-piracy deal

February 3, 2012
Online hackers group Anonymous attacked the Greek justice ministry website in criticism of the country's tough fiscal reforms and its decision to join a controversial anti-piracy deal.

Online hackers group Anonymous on Friday attacked the Greek justice ministry website in criticism of the country's tough fiscal reforms and its decision to join a controversial anti-piracy deal.

"You have introduced a new dictatorship upon your people's shoulders and allowed the bankers and the monarchs of the EU to enslave them both economically and politically," the group said in a statement posted on the ministry's site.

"Democracy was given birth in your country but you have now killed it," they added.

Greece is applying a crunch economic overhaul under supervision from the European Union and the that has left nearly 900,000 jobless and plunged the country into a deep .

The hackers also threatened to "deface" media and ministry sites unless Athens withdraws from the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a deal signed on January 26 to create international standards for .

Greece was one of the 22 signatories among EU states. Critics of the agreement say it could significantly curtail online freedom.

"Next target will be all the media in Greece," the hackers warned.

"We have most of the media websites admin passwords," they added.

Greek police said they have launched a probe.

"The investigation is in process, we are examining the attackers' electronic traces," the said.

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not rated yet Feb 04, 2012
Whatever you think about piracy, from a Machiavellian point of view it is an "opium of the people" that keeps potential rioters at home viewing films/porn and playing games rather than getting on the streets challenging and perhaps overthrowing governments.

When the history of the fall of the Euro is written a page of two will detail how ACTA and other anticopyright laws and actions (megaupload) led to extra heat on austerity enforcing governments.

Romain Emperors knew they had to provide "bread and circuses" to the ancient masses--today's politicians are creating the circumstances for revolt and social unrest by taking away the "pirate bay circuses" of today's underclass/unemployed/poor paid. From a Machiavellian point of view they are fools and Anonymous is ironically doing them a favor.
1 / 5 (1) Feb 04, 2012
Remember, austerity is EXACTLY how Hitler came to power; the bankers and industrialists, fearing the left, put him and his cronies in government positions thinking they could control their brown-shirted dogs. Of course, we all remember how that turned out.

The scary truth is that all fascist dictatorships in the world were created by Western bankers to fight the left and socialism.

Only when Russia destroyed bankers best fascist dictatorship (Nazi Germany) did they decide to separate capitalism from fascism, pronounced themselves fighters against its horrors, and come up with fake similarities between socialism and fascism, as our resident board libtard never stops spamming.

Fascist dictatorships were never confronted by Western countries for as long as fascist countries were not contained by the Soviets. Look at Spain and Greece after WWII.

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