US regulators bust pre-IPO tech stock scam

November 17, 2011
A man uses a laptop computer at a wireless cafe. A Florida man was arrested on Thursday for running a scam in which he allegedly offered private shares in Internet firms such as Facebook and Groupon ahead of their going public, officials said.

A Florida man was arrested on Thursday for running a scam in which he allegedly offered private shares in Internet firms such as Facebook and Groupon ahead of their going public, officials said.

John Mattera, 50, of Boca Raton, and his co-defendants raised at least $12 million from investors seeking stock in firms expected to soon hold , the US (SEC) said.

"Even as investors believed their funds were sitting safely in escrow accounts, Mattera plundered those accounts to bankroll a lifestyle of private jets, luxury cars, and fine art," said George Canellos, director of the SEC's New York Regional Office.

Mattera, who was convicted in 2003 of selling securities he falsely claimed to own, and the other defendants carried out the scam using a hedge fund called The Praetorian Global Fund, the SEC said in a statement.

They claimed to hold shares worth tens of millions of dollars in privately-held companies such as , Groupon, Twitter and Zynga.

Groupon recently held its IPO while Zynga has filed for one and Facebook is expected to go public at some point.

"Mattera and his cohorts never owned the promised pre-IPO shares in these companies," the SEC said.

It said they transferred funds received from investors to personal accounts controlled by Mattera and another defendant, John Arnold.

"After Arnold took a cut of the money for himself, Mattera stole most of the remaining funds to afford his lavish personal expenses and pay others for their roles in the scheme," the said.

Mattera, Arnold, Joseph Almazon of Hicksville, New York, David Howard II, of New York City, and Bradford Van Siclen of Montclair, New Jersey, were charged with various violations of US securities law.

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IPO Trust
not rated yet Dec 11, 2011
Since 2009, Pre IPO investing has opened up to investors as a niche into the VC and private equity industry. It is inevitable that certain Wall Street wise guys will end up sharing bed space in the big house with the likes of Bernie Madoff. These guys definitely tarnish and create challenges for the pre IPO private equity industry. However, there are legitimate funds targeting pre IPO companies such as Facebook, Zynga & Twitter.

IPO Trust has the best intentions of earning investors decent returns in our diversified fund focusing on pre IPO stocks, according to Jeff Goolst, of IPO Trust.
1 / 5 (3) Dec 11, 2011
Will SEC stop members of Congress from benefiting from insider trading?
0.1 / 5 (34) Dec 11, 2011
RyggTard is upset that he isn't afforded the right to trade with propitiatory information.

Well, he would be if he wasn't a deadbeat.

Tell us RyggTard. Why do you oppose Conservative exempting congress from insider trading regulations.

Aren't you opposed to government regulating the free market?
0.1 / 5 (34) Dec 12, 2011
"When was Rand arrested for failing to pay income taxes or FICA or Medicare payments?" = RyggTard

Never as far as I know. Are you saying that Ayn Rand was Entitled to collect welfare and Medicaid?

Shouldn't she have died in the streets from her self inflicted lung cancer as she claimed others should do when they could not afford treatment?

And don't you think it was poetic justice that she spent her entire life denying that smoking caused cancer and claiming that the worlds doctors and scientists were involved in a global conspiracy to restrict her freedom to smoke, only for her to have developed lung cancer from smoking?

Odd, her denial that smoking causes cancer is almost identical in form to your denial that CO2 causes global warming. Right down to the claim that the worlds scientists are involved in a conspiracy to limit your freedom.

Is there no limit to Libertarian\Randite ideological failure?

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