EU agency: air pollution costs exceed $134 billion

(AP) -- Air pollution isn't just harmful - it's expensive, resulting in health care and environmental costs of more than euro100 billion ($130 billion) in 2009, the European Union's environment agency said Thursday.

The energy sector had the highest pollution costs, followed by manufacturing and production processes, according to the report by the .

The findings underscore the environmental and health impacts of fossil fuel-based power generation, "making the case for introducing cleaner types of energy even more urgent," EEA head Jacqueline McGlade said in a statement.

The EU agency's estimates were based on emissions statistics from Europe's 10,000 biggest-polluting industries. The calculations included costs related to health care and loss of productivity as well as impacts on crops and material damage.

The Copenhagen, Denmark-based EEA said those costs in 2009 amounted to euro102 billion-euro169 billion ($137 billion-$227 billion), with half of the costs caused by just 191 facilities.

Germany, Poland, Britain, France and Italy were the countries with the highest costs.

In addition to air pollutants such as and sulphur dioxide, the report also estimated damage caused by emissions of heavy metals, organic micro-pollutants and carbon dioxide, a .

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Nov 24, 2011
Pollution of the environment is dangerous. Propaganda about false dangers of CO2 are based on irrational fear of nuclear energy and caused great damage to society.

AGW sprouted from seeds of fear - planted on 6 Aug 1945 and nourished in a message from USSR's Khrushchev to USA's President Kennedy on 24 Oct 1962:


The main issue now is finding a way to undo the damage inflicted on society from 4-5 decades of fear-based leadership:



Today I am grateful a Higher Power than world leaders controls the universe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oliver K. Manuel

Nov 24, 2011
Problem is that these costs aren't part of the kWh price paid by the consumer. If they were we'd see much more rapid change towards non-poluting technologies.

Nov 24, 2011
No drama here. The EU are paying for it. It will make a nice dent in trade deficits!

Nov 24, 2011

The Eu is a failed socialist state experiment, comprising foolish country's who have been led to the slaughter house with a ring through their noses. Nothing that comes out of Brussels is of value & only speeds up the demise of 350 million people who once had hopes for peace & prosperity.

It has been stolen away by false,expensive promises that no nation or country can foefill.

There is no free lunch only a snack or two & then the bills have to be paid, in the way sky high of Value Added Taxes, income and unaffordable energy cost all combined with 4 Levels of government is a recipe for a complete financial collapse.

How can industry survive with the burdens place on it by the EU we live in a competitive world and the EU is far from competitive now.
Remember the EU mandated that Bananas & Cucumbers had to be straight in 15000 pages of regulation. The Insane running the asylum come mind.
America is not far behind. It gives me no pleasure to state these facts. I hope I'm wrong!

Nov 24, 2011
The Eu is a failed socialist state experiment

By what criterion? Please define 'failed' with something that can be measured. Opinion doesn't really count as conclusive evidence.

Nov 25, 2011
Thanks for your question.
Your right I meant in a littoral sense, these are my own feelings as I have close family members in the UK and Germany and they are very afraid/scared of the future of the Euro and the EU. if it goes nobody is safe anywhere in the world.
The failure of Greece, Portugal,followed soon by Spain the down grading of Frances credit worthiness the Failure of German bond sales are all indicators it seems that Germany cannot bail out the whole EU and that's not considering the Italian, UK or Irish mess.
Also The EU government is a gigantic cesspool of power and money men.

Let me link you to UKip.

The Game is Up, The EURO is Finished! Spain & Portugal Nigel Farage Speaks Out.

Farage: What gives you the right to dictate to the Greek and Italian people?


He's right in my mind, I wish and hope it isn't so. see what you think.
Regards Dave.

Nov 25, 2011
Also The EU government is a gigantic cesspool of power and money men.

I live in germany and I'm not scared at all.

The amount of money Brussels gets is rather small. About 1% of GDP goes to the EU (and almost all of that is headed right back out in the form of subsidies, research grants, regional and foreign aid) The 'power' these guys have is minimal as any sweeping/fundamental stuff has to be ratified by all national assemblies.
So compared to the money/corruption in national governmnts (which is a problem the world over) the EU bureaucracy is rather tame.

We shouldn't overblow these Portugal/Greece/Ireland situations. each of these accounts for about 1% of EU GDP. Not great that they fail but hardly on an order of magnitude to threaten anything.

Spain and Italy are a different matter, but both of those do have a working economy - so the potential for getting out of a slump is there with the right political will (which seem to be forming).

Nov 25, 2011

As I said I don't wish this to happen. By I do stand by my EU government comments it's not how much money the EU gov gets it's the management style that will do you in every time. I think a lot of German's and Europeans are very worried, I so pose it depends on your job or financial position as to whether you worry or not. For me I'm set for life but being a news junky and a humanitarian I am concerned. I wish you and the EU nothing but good luck and a long and happy life, and thank god for Germany she is/might be the savior of the EU.

The EU * the German Bond issue is big over here and getting a lot of press it is a serious concern.

Underwhelming response to sale of German bonds raises alarm bells

Opposition says it shows Germany isn't immune to eurozone's woes

By Andreas Rinke And Noah Barkin, Reuters November 24, 2011

Read more: http://www.vancou...whelming response sale German bonds raises alarm bells/5760308/story.html#ixzz1ekr2azYW

Nov 25, 2011
Perversely, I'm actually glad that the bonds aren't selling. Might force the current ruling parties to reconsider and not make any more debts (or tax breaks for interest groups). We need to pay off our debts (just like everyone else does). Now is still time to do it.

Nov 27, 2011
we are in agreement, it will be tough, but other Country's like Canada and New Zealand have gone through unbelievable austerity programs that shook there economy's to the core and succeeded.
I have fond memory's of Germany and the hospitality of many of the people I met there.
Good luck and see around the postings.

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