2015 climate 'roadmap' idea well received, says EU

November 6, 2011
European Union Commissioner for Climate Change Connie Hedegaard talks to the media in Brussels last month. The EU's proposal for upcoming UN talks to lay down a new "roadmap" leading to a comprehensive global deal by 2015 has been well received, Hedegaard says.

The European Union's top climate diplomat said on Saturday the bloc's proposal for upcoming UN talks to lay down a new "roadmap" leading to a comprehensive global deal by 2015 has been well received.

"I have had very positive signals about the EU proposal for a ," Connie Hedegaard, European climate commissioner, told the Austrian daily Der Standard in an interview.

The idea "would give countries more time, namely until 2015, to comply with international protection obligations and to introduce the corresponding monitoring," the Dane said in comments published in German.

Negotiations under the (UNFCCC) have made little progress since the stormy Copenhagen Summit of December 2009. The next talks are set for Durban, South Africa, from November 28 to December 9.

Hedegaard said however the new roadmap should be "binding" and aim to encompass 80-85 percent of man-made , compared with only around a third covered by the Kyoto Protocol.

"We will insist (in Durban) that without binding commitments there can be no successor to the , which expires in 2012," Hedegaard said.

Kyoto currently only covers some three dozen rich nations. China, the world's top carbon emitter overall -- but not per capita -- was excluded as a developing nation, and the United States, the number two polluter, opted out.

Canada, Japan and Russia have refused to continue Kyoto and say that any future accord must all major economies including China, which in turn wants binding action from wealthy nations.

On Thursday, small island nations facing rising seas slammed suggestions by Japan and Russia that a 2015 target for a global agreement was unrealistic, with Moscow saying 2018 or even later was a more plausible target date.

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2.2 / 5 (13) Nov 06, 2011
2015 climate 'roadmap' idea well received, says EU

Really? Well received by whom?

There is no scientific validity to the claim CO2 caused global warming. That seems to be 100% propaganda [1], generated by world leaders to try to save themselves from the threat of nuclear annihilation [2].

Thanks to Climategate e-mails, other propaganda fables are being exposed [3-6].

[1] The UN's IPCC Reports on Climate Change


[2] "Deep roots of the global climate scandal (1971-2011)"


[3] Wikileaks



[4] PrisonPlanet


[5] Solar Physics 3, 5-25 (1968)


[6] The Federal Reserve


With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA Principal
Investigator for Apollo
2.8 / 5 (11) Nov 06, 2011
And what does this entail? More money to IMF?
1.9 / 5 (9) Nov 06, 2011
And what does this entail? More money to IMF?

They need more money to protect Earth's climate from any sudden changes in Earth's heat source - the Sun:







That is why EU knows that man-made CO2 causes climate change!
2.1 / 5 (11) Nov 06, 2011
Look at the picture above!

Connie Hedegaard is explaining in detail how EU isolates Earth from the Sun in order to show "scientifically" that man-made CO2 causes global climate warming.

Connie obviously deserves to share the Nobel Prize with Al Gore!

1.5 / 5 (8) Nov 06, 2011
Kyoto currently only covers some three dozen rich nations. China, the world's top carbon emitter overall -- but not per capita -- was excluded as a developing nation

Connie and Al could perhaps share a Nobel Prize for economics!

Since pinching off the tailpipe of the economic engine in rich EU nations, she and Al have stimulated their economies into booming enterprises with new "Green Jobs."

That is why the EU economy continues to advace so much faster than China's!
2.3 / 5 (6) Nov 06, 2011
omatumr, correction.

Connie is demonstrating the correct position of your fingers before you push it up your backside to heat your hands up when the cold weather strikes, it's dark outside, the wind is not blowing, and all the nuclear and coal power stations are shut down, no gas or electricity for heat. Apparently, pushing the thumbs in take even more practice, but it is an art that can be mastered after a few cold winters or so.
1 / 5 (2) Nov 07, 2011
I wonder at what point the human race will deem environmental maintenance more important than economic prosperity....perhaps we should wait until china and india's standards of living match those of north america so we ALL have as much to lose by attempting live intelligently...that couldn't possibly harm the environment in any way.
3 / 5 (2) Nov 07, 2011
You know Rubberman, there is some truth to what you say. Shouldn't India and China be allowed the economic prosperity that the US people have enjoyed for the last 50 years. Sure absolutely, what is fair is fair. The problem is China has 3 Billion people and growing. India, 2 Billion. The USA has .25 Billion and yet has the highest oil, gas, and coal consumption
of all nations.

And it all contributes to greenhouse gas based global warming. (ie a man made environmental crisis of the n-the degree).
3 / 5 (2) Nov 08, 2011
LOL...I just pictured the state of the planet if those 5 billion people all achieve the "western" lifestyle....considering the current rate of climate "change", I would speculate absolute chaos in a very short period of time...of course that is just speculation that has no data or observations to support it.

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