Opel has designs on 'one-euro car'

September 12, 2011 by Nancy Owano, Phys.org report

Opel has designs on 'one-euro car'
(PhysOrg.com) -- Opel will take the wraps off its battery-powered electric car, which it refers to as the One Euro, at this week’s Frankfurt Car Show. The little two-seater will get much attention for its looks, its clean-environment support, and its One Euro promotional tag. Opel's overall message is that it has the concept of a car that in production would be an affordable, great-looking electric vehicle for tight budgets.

"One Euro” refers to Opel’s claim that the can cover 100 kilometers (62 miles) for one euro ($1.41). The car has a range of 60 miles and a top speed of 75 mph. Other features include lightness; this city vehicle is one-third the weight of a modern small car, says Opel. Euro One is also promoted as quite the energy-efficient vehicle, as energy requirements would be ten times lower than those of a modern small car.

Opel has designs on 'one-euro car'

Opel's press statement, which notes the "tandem two-seater has production potential," suggests that the company is banking on the car as a way to promote the company's strengths in . "The concept opens a new chapter in electric mobility and extends Opel’s pioneering role in alternative propulsion systems." The car's interesting design features tandem seats of one behind the other. Overall, it is a futuristic design that will appeal to drivers who are young or just young at heart. Opel says the concept’s look is inspired by the Opel Ampera, an electric hybrid car.

While the design may appeal to drivers of all ages, Opel stated that the car was created mainly for young drivers looking for something affordable and stylish. Opel is also talking about a low-speed version for 16-year olds, who would drive with a restricted maximum speed of 28 mph.

More details about the Opel car are expected during the Frankfurt Motor Show, to run from September 15 to 25. Placing the Opel announcement in perspective, the Euro One will take its place among a growing breed of micro cars designed for efficiency in cities. Making headway in electric cars would be beneficial for Opel, which has experienced losses. Earlier in June there were reports that its owner, General Motors, was thinking about selling Opel but the stories were dismissed.

Opel has designs on 'one-euro car'

Germany-based Opel is a well known brand in Europe, but it is not yet clear if this concept car would make it to the U.S. According to a June report in TheDetroitBureau.com, titled "Will Opel Return to the U.S.?" a senior executive with the General Motors subsidiary said that he saw an opportunity to sell Opel’s fuel-efficient small cars to increasingly mileage-sensitive American motorists.

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More information: Press release

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5 / 5 (5) Sep 12, 2011
Wow, really nice design, love it!

Why are we not seeing more of these innovative designs out there? I feel like there are only a few big players in the car industry, and they are all lazy to come out with something TRULY new.
5 / 5 (5) Sep 12, 2011
I feel like there are only a few big players in the car industry, and they are all lazy to come out with something TRULY new.

Or management are too scared to take risks in current economic situation. (Maybe they might loose their bonuses!)
2.8 / 5 (4) Sep 12, 2011
Only 60 miles on a charge? ouch.

I would buy this in a heartbeat if the range was 200 miles and it was $30,000 or less.

Why not make a gas version? It says that it requires 10x less energy to move this thing so wouldn't it be incredibly fuel efficient?
5 / 5 (4) Sep 12, 2011
The primary reason that new and innovative design is so slow to come to market in the US is that the average new car buyer is extremely conservative in their design tastes. It took decades for the two-box to be considered mainstream (I'm still not sure it is). Most buyers define an acceptable "car" first as the classic three-box(typical sedan) then second as the one-box(minivan). The only mainstream two- is the SUV, but I'm calling it a truck. Unfortunately, cars like the Euro become extremely niche and unprofitable.
4.7 / 5 (3) Sep 12, 2011
If you put some wheels on the top rear of the frame you could just probably lift up the front end and store it upright. What a neat vehicle for the city... won't be seeing these in rural america anytime soon, though
5 / 5 (7) Sep 12, 2011
Only 60 miles on a charge? ouch.

Think of it as a second car. Most trips (shopping, commute to work) are much less than 60 miles. If you retain a gas guzzler for the infrequent long trips then that's already a step in the right direction.

If the price comes down a bit I'm thinking of buying one just fo the daily trip to work. At 1 Euro per 100km that could save me a lot of money (currently I'm paying about 10 Euros per 100km - and I'm expecting that this will increase over the next few years).
5 / 5 (1) Sep 12, 2011
For what is obviously a city driver, 60 miles on a charge isnt bad - As long as you can quick charge it in case of emergency. Remember, this will be marketed in Europe, where gas costs the equivelent of $8 a gallon, and they take mass transportation for long trips.

I like the styling on this car. Let me reiterate - normally I HATE the styling on these new golf cart type cars...but this one is really cool.

The one limited to 28MPH for 16 year olds...Is somebody really high? The variation of european speed limits is similar to the US...At 28MPH, you would not be able to get out of the immediate neighborhood without becoming a traffic hazard/rear ending victim. Buy your kid a golf cart if it is that important, I'm sure it's cheaper.

So...with what we know, this primarily comes down to price and speed of charging. (Although it's more price for european city driving.)
not rated yet Sep 12, 2011
The exposed rear chassis, unused for any trunk space, doesn't look terribly aerodynamic to me. I'd have preferred to see them make that space useable for storage and put a fairing on it.
not rated yet Sep 12, 2011
The exposed rear chassis, unused for any trunk space, doesn't look terribly aerodynamic to me. I'd have preferred to see them make that space useable for storage and put a fairing on it.

*sigh* Please look up aerodynamics on wikipedia and find the part about turbulance...like say, with a cube.

Behind a boxy rear end, it creates turbulance and eddys and creates sort of a suction pulling the car back. That's why you get better gas mileage behind a big rig, because it pulls you with it.

with a tapered back end, it allows the airflow to reconnect without so much turbulance.

Any vehicle with a boxy back...like most cars...is less aerodynamic than a car with a tapering back, like this one...or the ugly renault rear ends.

But yes, it would be more practical if they added some trunk space, even if it did take a little aerodynamic hit.
1 / 5 (1) Sep 12, 2011
I want one.

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