Could the Higgs boson explain the size of the Universe?

Could the Higgs boson explain the size of the Universe?

( -- The Universe wouldn't be the same without the Higgs boson. This legendary particle plays a role in cosmology and reveals the possible existence of another closely related particle.

The race to identify the is on at CERN. This Holy Grail of particle physics would help explain why the majority of possess mass. The mysterious particle would also help us understand the evolution of the Universe from the moment of its birth, according to a group of EPFL physicists. If their theory is verified with data from the Planck satellite, it would clear up several questions about the Universe, past and future.

An expanding Universe

The Universe, which today extends over billions of light-years, was incredibly minuscule at its birth. To simulataneously explain this dichotomy of scale and the fact that matter is seemingly distributed in a homogeneous fashion throughout the Universe, physicists have had to resort to a theoretical trick: they added an inflationary phase to the , an initial phenomenal expansion in which the Universe grew by a factor of 10^26 in a very short time. Physicists have a hard time, though, accounting for this rapid growth.

In its first moments, the Universe was unimaginably dense. Under these conditions, why wouldn’t gravity have slowed down its initial expansion? Here’s where the Higgs boson enters the game – it can explain the speed and magnitude of the expansion, says Mikhail Shaposhnikov and his team from EPFL’s Laboratory of and . In this infant Universe, the Higgs, in a condensate phase, would have behaved in a very special way – and in so doing changed the laws of physics. The force of gravity would have been reduced. In this way, physicists can explain how the Universe expanded at such an incredible rate.

What’s in store for the Universe?

The theory may clear up the first moments of the Universe, but what about the Universe as it is today? “We have determined that when the Higgs condensate disappeared to make way for the particles that exist today, the equations permitted the existence of a new, massless particle, the dilaton,” explains EPFL physicist Daniel Zenhäusern.

To arrive at this conclusion, the applied a mathematical principle known as scale invariance – starting with the Higgs boson, they were able to determine the existence of the dilaton, a close cousin, as well as its properties. And it turns out that this new and as yet purely theoretical particle happens to have the exact characteristics to explain the existence of dark energy. This energy explains why the expansion of the current Universe is once again accelerating, but its origins are not understood. This theoretical advance – a completely unexpected result – is reassuring the scientists that they may be on the right track.

Astrophysicists are measuring the state of the today using data from the Planck . They are observing the light echo from the Big Bang, which reveals the large scale properties of the cosmos. In 2013, the measurement campaign will provide results that will be precise enough to compare with the EPFL scientsits’ theoretical predictions – and they’ll be able to see if their Higgs theory holds up. The boson isn’t just hidden in the bowels of ’s accelerator.

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More information: Higgs-Dilaton Cosmology: From the Early to the Late Universe, Juan García-Bellido, Javier Rubio, Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Daniel Zenhäusern, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology,
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Sep 21, 2011
My hungry flock, I know you feel helpless without my guiding light, let me elucidate you by explaining all.

"In its first moments, the Universe was unimaginably dense"
Exactly the same density needed to believe in Repulsive Neutrons, coincidence? doubtful.

"why wouldn't gravity have slowed down its initial expansion?"
Abracadabra Repulsive Neutrons, say it 3 times and Mephistopheles will appear.

"In this infant Universe, the Higgs, ... would have behaved in a very special way."
The Higgs is a crude approximation of my much sexier concept, the Huggs Boson, its the elementary particles wanting to hug each other that gives them mass.

"This energy explains why the expansion of the current Universe is once again accelerating, but its origins are not understood."
Ha, I know more than you, I know more than you :├×

Petulantly OKM

No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord Deuteronomy 23:1 (Doorbitch from Hell)

Sep 21, 2011
Think of it as infinite sized 2 dimensional sheets, oscillating. Then add in the crossed influence and interference/involvement of another sheet, at another vector, and given point.

Then 3d space emerges.

It is not the 'space' that is the involvement of the secondary axis of rotation...that emerges.

Since the interference and involvement of the two sheets with one another had to begin SOMEWHERE ('somewhere' is merely the integration point)..we get this idea that the universe 'exploded' into existence, when it if fact, did not.

It was merely the integration of the secondary 2d energy sheet and it's particular oscillatory pattern (with the given 'first/original' 2d sheet's motional pattern-thus differential can then begin to exist) that began 3d space...and thus..time/space/quanta (impression thereof), gravity, etc etc.

Sep 21, 2011
away, enough with the wild higgs particle goose chases. It's a complete joke, it always was.

There is more than enough evidence in other areas to not be needing to spend such large amounts of money to hold up science.

We've advanced far ahead of this 'public science' in black ops and private science works---long, long ago.

Black ops science as advancing at the rate of 50 years per public year, back in 1944. That rate has recently been changed to 44 years of scientific advance per public year of scientific advance. This means that black ops science is about 2500 years ahead of public science, right now.

I think you people have been brainwashed long enough.

Rationalized Q mechanics took over this conversation before the second world war really began and was definitely the real deal by the time the war was over.

Control of Black ops requires distractions, big ones. The deeper the better.

Which is why the CERN (and all about it) is just a giant wild goose chase -a distraction.

Sep 21, 2011
No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord Deuteronomy 23:1 (Doorbitch from Hell)
Haaaaa! This guys funny.
Rationalized Q mechanics took over this conversation before the second world war really began and was definitely the real deal by the time the war was over.
Please elucidate or provide some links. What about zero point energy and 'die Glock'?

Sep 21, 2011
Wow KBK, I could see you being either a paranoid super geek, or someone that actually knows about things the rest of us dont. I do feel that there are lots of things going on behind the public eye. Why hide advanced science from the world? Would you visit the moon and not tell anyone? Would you meet other intelligent life and hide it? WHY! We can only grow beyond our age old assumptions if we are given new, accurate information to draw our own conclusions. Mankind is not totally inflexible, even the Vatican acknowledges that there may be life on other planets. If what you are saying is true, there will always be this huge seperation between our perception of the world and how it really is. Its a pity, that the wonders of our scientific accomplishment would be hidden and squandered for the use of a select few.

Sep 21, 2011
Of course Black Ops are advanced. But 2500 years???? Come on now. 2500 years ago we were building Stone buildings... I guess they must have created sustained fusion in 1948 then, right? Is anti-gravity all ironed out? How about worm holes? Perhaps StarGate has been invented.
Sorry man, but that post was just ridiculous. (I'll give you the fact that their resources may be WAY higher, but that doesn't translate into advanced years).

Sep 21, 2011
Will my associate ;) KkK have to start posting soon┬┐

Sep 21, 2011
In dense aether theory the notion of expanding space-time is the result of dispersion of light at these tiny density fluctuations. Therefore the Universe "expansion" can be explained even without Higgs boson - just with using of scale invariance principle consequently applied.

The physicists are right, when expecting the inhomogeneous space-time at small scales - but these inhomogeneities aren't required to be of uniform size at all for being still able to work. At the human observer scale these density fluctuations manifest like well known CMBR noise - this noise is not of unique wavelength and its spectrum rather corresponds the Planck law of black body radiation.

With increasing distance from human observer scale this fuzzy band spectrum tends to become even more fuzzy - it's like the observation of fractal landscape covered with fog. Even if this landscape would have some wavelength preferred, at the boundaries of its visibility scope we would see anything from it.

Sep 21, 2011
When Higgs boson is not defined, then the size of the Universe wouldn't defined well too and it would just depend on the wavelenght of light in which we are observing it.

It's similar to observation of landscape under the haze again with using of fog lights. With using of fog light of longer wavelength we would see more from it, because for such light the small fluctuations are more transparent. This is why astronomers are investing into infrared JWST telescope instead of Hubble successor working with visible light. In visible light we wouldn't detect nothing interesting anymore.

In accordance with it it seems, the Universe size is much larger, than the visible light spreading allows to observe. For example, we can observe surprisingly mature galaxies even at the most distant areas of Universe observable.


It means, the absence of Higgs will question even the Big Bang theory, which is based on the assumption of finite Universe size.

Sep 21, 2011
One of interesting aspects/predictions of dense aether model is, with increasing wavelength the Universe would not only appear bigger, but less deterministic too, because we cannot evade the uncertainty principle. It's like the observation of events at the water surface with using of the surface ripples. When we would use the waves of very long wavelength for detection, we would rather observe the water surface with using of underwater waves instead of surface ones. Such events would appear incoming from more and more fuzzy sources, until they would appear incoming from all directions at the same moment. Such events would manifest like the changes in intensity of background CMBR noise rather than deterministic wave. It means, the observation of CMBR noise intensity would inform us about cosmic events in very distant areas of Universe well behind its particle horizon. In addition, we could get such information in much faster way, than the spreading of light allows.

Sep 21, 2011
Why hide advanced science from the world?
BECAUSE one can imagine the critically destabilizing effects that for instance, free energy or -I dont know- antigravity or a very expensive cure for aging could have on the world. There are critical POLITICAL reasons for continuing to consume ME oil. Ending it abruptly could cause regional instability, unrest, and social collapse.
Would you visit the moon and not tell anyone? Would you meet other intelligent life and hide it?
I dont know but if I was a Govt with sufficient Authority and knew in 1960 that a civilization-ending asteroid were heading this way, I might want to send a suicide team to divert it from behind the iron curtain. And I wouldnt want to tell people about it.
For many very good Reasons. There are MANY very Critical Issues that the public absolutely cannot be privy to, as most of them would strongly object. Like staging wars with prearranged outcomes for instance. Or the destruction of obsolete cultures.

Sep 22, 2011
I wonder how KBK left out Atlantis and the Pentium Group. After all I proved the existence of the Pentium Group nearly a decade ago when I discovered that if you click on Andy Groves name at Intel it would take to INTEL. Thus proving that even in retirement Andy Groves was still in charge.

The Pentium Group is a clear successor to the previous American Black Chamber as no government could possibly have been stupid enough to shut down such a successful organization. Thus we know they simply went underground. Elon Musk is obviously a member of the Hidden Black Chamber as he got his start with encryption. Most of commerce now runs on Pentium chips and the latest chips have special encryption commands, which shows that the Black Chamber and The Pentium Group are One.

Black Ops is just an attempt to make the leaks about the Pentium Group look ludicrous and thus KBK is part of a cover up. Likely a mere dupe. As an expert hand waver he makes a perfect dupe for those in the know.


Sep 22, 2011
Knowledge is power. Governments (particularly large ones) like power. It gives them more ways to exert control. The biggest advances are usually made by the military (the bigger the government, the bigger the military, the bigger the budget). Think of the stealth bomber and the new technology it required. And the secrecy STILL surrounding it.
Then of course, there are the rumours(!) about area 51 and the supposed back-engineering of advanced alien techology....
\ /
\_____/ Cheers, DH66

Sep 22, 2011
The Higgs boson doesn't exist because
the mass is the electric dipole moment.

Antonio Saraiva

Sep 22, 2011
The universe is not expanding, it's rotating locally at light speed.

Sep 22, 2011
The universe REALLY IS A GIANT COSMIC BALLOON! And it's filling up with DILTANS! It's only the weakening Higgs field that's holding back the REALLY BIG BANG!

Now I feel some much better...

Sep 22, 2011
@FrankHerbert:It would appear that somebody forgot to take his humour-pill today. Thanks for the rating. Did you really take my post THAT seriously? It was meant as tongue-in-cheek, in the same vein as the other many 'pieces of banter' further back up the thread and wasn't meant to be mistaken for agenda-pushing. And you KNOW that I'm not in the habit of pretending that I know more than I do, nor do I try to push hairy theories as if they were proven (unlike some others(not you) we all know & 'love') Also, at least I'm not trolling, unlike a certain 'ant oacute nio354', who keeps repeating the same stupid, senseless statement at every opportunity s/he gets. Now THERE is somebody who needs to pull their socks us, if they don't wish to end up being banned by the moderator for abusing the guidelines...&, 'ant' don't take that the wrong way. All that is being asked of you, is that if you are going to contribute, do it in a more constructive way. Your ranking might improve too. Cheers, DH66

Sep 25, 2011

I mentioned the words "tongue-in-cheek" in one of my comments a while back and got a note from the moderator that I was being offensive.

Sep 26, 2011
Oh my god! Higgs has a boson!!! And it's a wowwie...

Sep 26, 2011

I thought there was at least one imoderator that was a brain damaged moron. That confirms it.

Must be the same idiot that was responsible for:

Brevity is for soulless twits.

Lets see what happens in my next post here. An experiment.


Sep 26, 2011
This a test. It it was a real post there were would be a siren going off in the distance.

The siren would get off by putting a penis in her cheek as sirens have no legs, they are mermaids, and in the immortal words of the Divine Miss M "the question before us is where's her clitoris".

Clearly it is in the cheek for sirens.

It was divinely revealed to me by Zeus who is bloody tired of that Jewish upstart stealing his thunder.

That was an excerpt from my new book - Zeus Explains It All as told to Ethelred Hardrede.


Sep 27, 2011

Out of curiosity did you report the post as offensive? It is still there and that is why I wrote it. To see if it would still be there. I figured that if tongue in cheek was a no no then penis in cheek might even get me banned.

It was serendipitous that it was funny. Or did you miss the jokes?

The quote is real. It was part of Bette Midler's stage show where she was in a mermaid costume. With synchronized wheel chair dancing.


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